10 Honest & Best Benefits from Breastfeeding

10 Honest & Best Benefits from Breastfeeding

Breast milk is best for babies…” True! No doubt about it. Breastfeeding is considered as one of the most beneficial and significant act that a mother does to her new born child. Every mother wants the best for her child, if that’s the case, breastfeeding is highly recommended. An infant’s development is so important, and making it as the primary concern, take note that breast milk should not be set aside even if formula is available.

In this article we will enumerate some of the benefits that a new born baby can get from breastfeeding, also we have included some of the benefits that breastfeeding moms can get. Actually, the list is not enough to tell you all the benefits we can get from breastfeeding. The benefits are so many and the results are incalculable whether we talk about the effects physically, physiologically, mentally and even emotionally. If you are a mom-to-be or you just gave birth, this article is right for you. Welcome to the wonders of breastfeeding. Have fun reading this Top 10 lists.

1 – Natural is Always Best

Breast milk has the most complete nutrients and antibodies that are needed by the baby. Aside from being natural, its components ensure the baby’s life. It contains colostrum, the thick yellow breast milk that a woman produces during her pregnancy and after she gave birth. The colostrum that the baby gets is only a small amount but it is enough for the infant’s stomach to hold.

2 – Breast milk as Disease Fighter

Breast milk can help fight Disease

Aside from colostrum, it also contains different antibodies and hormones that protect the baby from different illnesses or diseases. Also, the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is lowered because of the components of breast milk.

3 – Breast milk changes to the infants needs

Colostrum becomes a thinner type of milk and becomes ”mature milk” on the third to fifth day after giving birth. This contains the right amount of fat, sugar, water, other nutrients and antibodies the baby needs to continue to grow. This is also easier for the infants to digest and as compared to the formula, babies’ take time to adjust with the proteins it has.

4 – Serves as the infant’s risk reducer

What else can breast milk do? It lowers the risk and serves as protection from:

gastroenteritis, necrotizing enter colitis, chronic constipation, colic, and other stomach upsets, ear infections, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia, bronchitis, kidney infections, septicemia, allergies, asthma, eczema, and severity of allergic disease, meningitis, botulism, childhood lymphoma, crohn’s disease and ulcerative enter-colitis. It can also reduce the risk of Type 1 diabetes, skin rash such as a topic dermatitis, childhood leukemia, acute appendicitis, rheumatoid arthritis, inguinal hernia, pyloric stenosis, decreased risk for vitamin E and Iron deficiency anemia.

5 – Breastfeeding as mother and child bonding

Connection between mother and child

During the development stage of the babies, breastfeeding serves as the “bonding time” which leads to the emotional and spiritual development aspect of babies. Babies like this so much as they feel the warmth due to physical contact between them and their mothers.

6 – Good for Babies, Good for Mothers, too!

Different health problem risks are also lowered because of breastfeeding. This includes Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, postpartum depression and bone fractures from osteoporosis.

7 – Breastfeeding can save you bucks

The costs on formula and other feeding supplies can become greater as the child’s needs increases. Also, due to the nutrients and antibodies breast milk gives, it reduces the chance of the babies to get sick so health costs are also lowered. When the infants chances of getting sick is low, breastfeeding mothers can have fewer missed working days.

8 – Satisfy baby’s hunger in no time

Imagine how easy it is once you established a good breastfeeding routine. If the infant needs milk, you don’t have to buy, measure and mix the formula and also you can feed the infant even in the middle of the night. Also, there is no sterilization of nipples and bottles required, that saves you time and will make way for you to do more stuffs.

9 – Mothers can rest and relax more

Mothers can rest and relax when breast feeding

While breastfeeding, the body produces hormones that have an endorphin-effect that makes you feel relaxed. Aside from sitting while doing the routine, breastfeeding moms can also nurse their babies even while sleeping. If it happens that your baby cries in the middle of the night, mom don’t have to stand up and mix the formula, she just have to put herself in a relaxing position where she can nurse her baby.

10 – From preggy to sexy

Breastfeeding moms has a greater chance of losing weight, it helps the mother’s body return to its pre-pregnancy state faster. When the mother’s body is producing breastmilk, it uses 1/2 of calories needed, which is pulled from fat stores, it also equivalent in burning 500 – 1,500 calories per day.


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