Best Job-Hunting Styles and Innovative Job Search Techniques

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Best Job-Hunting Styles and Innovative Job Search Techniques

Jobs could be scare or aplenty; depends on perception but how does one get that coveted job? Resumes are so passé. Employers are on the lookout of prospective employees who are different from the rest. The game of job hunting is changing. It is imperative to employ new methods to find jobs.

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Here are top 10 innovative job hunting styles.

10 – Create Jobs Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important networking engine to view new jobs in multiple fields, network with employers and get to know professionals in a certain field. Moreover, some employers these days prefer to know a person ‘online’; therefore, showing them the Linked In profile will work well.

9 – Interactive Resume

Move over the traditional resume and make it interactive. Since most employers expect applications through email, how about embedding a custom-made video to show skills, experience, qualification and job suitability? This calls for spending some money if the applicant doesn’t have video making skills but it is effective.

8 – Fairs for Jobs

Every year, institutes or companies conduct job fairs and it advised to attend them. If the applicant is a fresh graduate and looking for entry-level jobs, job fairs are a good way to start. Take printed copies of resume and save the same in email draft. Utilize either according to the opportunity.

7 – Research the Company

It is easy to say than to do. If someone is attending ten interviews a week, it is difficult to research all the ten companies and gather data. However, it is important. Researching the company shows the employers that the interviewee is serious about the job position and the company as well. Don’t focus on jobs only. To remember, make chits for every company and write down some basic information like their business line, stock value, global or national presence and work culture.

6 – Use Networking for Jobs

Everyone knows about this strategy but we rarely use it. A wide social circle of friends and acquaintances is a good way to begin job search. It is true that references matter in the marketplace. If someone can put in a good word to the human resource manager, where’s the harm in it?

5 – Don’t Juggle Interests

While it’s good to be a multi-talented person, getting jobs becomes a bit difficult, especially when it comes to explaining the need to switch from, let’s say, a sales person position to a radio jockey. Employers get suspicious; they doubt the capability to devote time to a particular field of work and it might harm job prospects. Therefore, think hard, decide carefully and stick to a stream of work.

4 – Follow Up Jobs

A lot of prospective employees miss this. Always follow up with every interview attended, unless they confirm the same day of non-selection. Follow up impresses employees. It shows interest and curiosity. Even if someone else is selected, the employer will remember the gesture when another opening comes and might call you.

3 – Use Social Media

Use Facebook and Twitter to land jobs. The trick is in networking. Most companies use social media to build a client base. Use social networks to track new companies and enquire about jobs.

2 – Industry News

Bookish knowledge never helps. It is important to know industry happenings. Keep track of mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, stock trades, current CEO’s and Directors and general working of niche industries. It helps a lot during interview process.

1 – Be Poised

Nothing puts off an employer than seeing a jittering, sweating, unconfident interviewee. Do mock interview practice and be confident in approach, thoughts, body language and communication.
These are the top 10 innovative tips for landing on the next job. Utilize it.


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