10 of the Best Viral Content Guide Articles

10 of the Best Viral Content Guide Articles

Every blogger wants to produce the best, quality and a viral content.

Now that quite a lot of things have changed since then – Google algorithm changes, evolution of social media, changes in the content access devices, and with other ranking and viral factors.

You have to believe that making content viral is the only upholding thing in the blogging realm where competition is inflated and that unanticipated events could happen anytime.

So I’d like to share with you my ultimate guides in my blog content creation, blog content management, and blog content promotion.

Here are my top 10 lists of Best Viral Content Guide Articles.

1 – Best Possible Experience for Users

“Search is a complicated and evolving art and science, so rather than focusing on specific algorithmic tweaks, we encourage you to focus on delivering the best possible experience for users. “ – Amit Singhal (Google Fellow).

This is the complete text to abide to if you really wish to make sense in the web. Thus, I always recommend this article of Google Webmaster Central blog to anyone who needs some guidance on how to create high quality content.

2 – Most Valuable Content Types Checklist

“The best ways to have your content spread is to have your readers share it because people trust their peers more than brands.” – Ahava Leibtag .

You aim to get a debut through a very fantastic blog post, I am certain you have to put up with this checklist.

As this article says, the silver bullet that will make our content sparkle has been found. This is the guide you are looking for.

3 – What Great Content is or Actually Could Be

“It seems that many content creators rely on size to measure greatness, while on the Web it’s often the other way around. The faster someone can convey a message, the greater the content.” – Tad Chef.

I remember one of my clients who argued with me about content size and of how it matters to search engine rankings.

That time I only send him the link of this article and he all got it. So, if you have a problem with this matter, better be informed.

4 – You Need Idea Generators

“Use experiences from your lifetime to make analogies about what you’re discussing. Or give the article a theme – sports, movies, comparisons, top 10 lists and fun facts – whatever you can think of.” – Webmaster Format.

Do you have some rules regarding the source of your blog posts? Say enough to that rules.

When I’ve read this article I begun to explore outside the box and say anything that I want about my niche. As it says, you don’t need any more rules. You need idea generators.

5 – Quality is the Only Sustainable SEO Strategy

“If quality, credibility, and authority can all be algorithmically identified, then certainly they are based on distinct sets of factors that in sum create signals.” – Adam Audette.

I always ensure that I’m taking up the excellent level with my SEO Strategy when working to my client sites.

Honestly, I’m not doing much on this with my blog until I’ve found out this article that tackles on the factors of a sustainable SEO strategy.

Just don’t build your SEO strategy around the algorithms. Build your SEO strategy around your users.

6 – Take Your Link Building Assessment

“The more quality backlinks you have the higher your PR will be. The mechanism is as that simple yet complicated.” – Kira Permunian.

I have this blog post right after the Google Panda pagerank update last June 2011 where I took assessment with my link building methods.

By having such, I found out that all just boils down to following usability standards and submission to Google’s mission in providing quality, useful and relevant content in the web when aiming a better Google Page Rank.

7 – Guaranteed Backlinks on Your Next Blog Post

“Since I have your attention, let me tell you one more thing: You have to keep people hooked on your content if you want to get links. People don’t share things they don’t read.” – ViperChill

I’ve learned a lot on this post. The ideas presented are realistic and highly applicable.

If you wanted to get viral I believe you should read as what I have done with my shares and with my blog posts. Be innovative and attractive.

8 – Linkbait Headlines Every Blogger Can Use

“No matter how great your content is, if the headline sucks, it stands little chance of getting the attention it deserves.” – Eric Brantner.

This is the idea of Always10 Blog of JrPlaza. When I first saw this blog, I was so sure that this will be the hit to search engines as many people love to know the “top”, the “most” and the “10s” about anything under the sun.

Congratulations JrPlaza! This is really a great source of linkbait headlines. See more headlines at this blog.

9 – Know the Elements of Social Content Success

“While linkbait does bring tremendous SEO benefits from links and traffic, visitors also benefit from the quality content.” – Jordan Kasteler.

Knowing this is crucial and very important in SEO and in Social Media success.

If you do not know, contextual link bait is what Google looking for to get a good rank in SERPs.

I find this very hard to achieve at first right after reading this post, but later on I’ve managed to get triumph on linkbaiting.

10 – How Quality over Quantity Wins

“The best way to ensure that your website ranks highly for your desired keywords is to specifically target your inbound linking strategy by entering into linking collaborations with a smaller number of websites that are specifically optimized for your keyword through content and quality.” – David from twago.

This is the guest post that really makes sense a lot to me about hats in SEO.

The equation to follow is Quality content + Quality site +Quality link building = Winning Site.
Now that you know my guide articles in creating a blog post, for better SEO projection and for Social Media presence, I think it’s good to hear from you.

With your feedback, share the link of the most popular post of your blog. Let’s make it more popular and viral.

Contributor: Kira Permunian is the author of SEO Geekster Online Blog. He aims to provide best SEO blogging tips, Social Media Optimization guides and technology updates to his readers. Visit his blog and don’t miss to follow him on various social media channels.


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