10 of the Hollywood’s Richest Actors

10 of the Hollywood’s Richest Actors

Here are the top 10 richest actors in the world from what Top10 can tell! While it’s hard to know exactly who is the richest actors in the world as many of their earnings are undisclosed and we have no idea about how much of what they earn is spent on Ferraris and how much is invested. However this top 10 list is my attempt to give an estimate of the world’s richest actors. If you want to know which actors earned the most in 2009 check this article out.

10 – Adam Sandler

The funny man is well known for his family friendly films. However he also has his own production company which produced the moderately successful Deuce Bigelow franchise. His hard work means that he can now command a handsome fee fro his work and is estimated to have earned $55 million in 2009.
9 – Will Ferrell

Another funny man who seems to produce hit after hit and not always as the leading man. He can command around 18$ per movie although he didn’t earn as much as many of the other big hitters in 2009 he still is up there in the Top 10.
8 – Nicholas Cage

Cage has had many had hits such as Ghost Rider and Lord of War, he dosent have the pulling power of many of the bigger name stars but he does work hard. He put out 4 movies with his name on them in 2009 and is set to put out another 5 in 2010.
7 – Harrison Ford

Although he only made one movie in 2009 it is estimated that he earned 65$ million from. The latest instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise is no master piece but with the box sets of that and stars wars still flying off the shelves he must be earning a fair bit of packet.
6 – Brad Pitt

With a house full of hungry mouths and a wife who has all but given up the throne as the queen of Hollywood Brad must keep working to keep all and sundry happy.In 2009 Inglorious bastards was a hit and with him been one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood I cant see Brad running out of money or work anytime soon.
5 – Leonardo De Caprio

Leo has produced a number of big hits in the last few years. Most notably The Departed and with his current collaboration with Scorsese in Shutter Island due to be released and a string of more movies in pre production there’s no doubting he’ll be climbing up this ladder in the coming years.
4 – Tom Hanks

Whatever type of movie you want Tom can do it. In Saving Private Ryan he was an astute army officer, in Forrest Gump he was a lovable Alabama simpleton. He’s the most adaptable actor in Hollywood and it’s because of this he is so well paid. In recent years he hasn’t been working as much but with his production company and the earnings from his role as Robert Langdon in the film adaption of the Dan Brown novels his sure to keep the money rolling in.
3 – Will Smith

He’s the only man who can successfully sell a movie on his own. In the last few years he produced bad but profitable movies such as Hancock and 7 pounds. Although hes taking a break at the moment Im sure he’ll back to his best in a few years.
2 – Johnny Depp

Here’s Johnny!!I know wrong Johnny. Depp and Tim Burton have teamed up over the last few years to produce some of the most weird and wonderful movies around. In Charlie and the chocolate factory Depp took on the lead as Willy Wonky. Hes due to play in forthcoming Alice in Wonderland and of course who can forget the Pirates Franchise. He ain’t doing all this for free!
1 – Tom Cruise

Well if Tom hasn’t given all his money away to his church or to his ex wife he is surely the richest actor in Hollywood. He is estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of 624$. He not only commands one of the highest salaries in Hollywood but is also usually involved in a lot of the production that goes into his films. The 4th instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise is set to be released in 2011 and what income constantly streaming from some of his earlier large hits Tom is most certainly the richest man in Hollywood.


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