10 of the Love Tips Learned from Austin Powers

10 of the Love Tips Learned from Austin Powers

Movies are the best avenues to share ideas in a very entertaining way. In anyway – stories were brought to life in big screens in order to show artistry and magnificence of human nature. Let’s take some samples of what I’m talking about. “The gross-out comedy trilogy of Austin Powers films may not seem, on the surface, like a source of wisdom. Reading between the lines, there are several lessons on dating and relationships that can be gleaned from the raunchy humor; here are ten of the things that Austin Powers can teach us about love.

Here’s top 10 lists of the Love Tips Learned from Austin Powers

  • The first film in the series, titled Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was a huge hit upon release; our first lesson comes from the title itself. In the very beginning, keep it mysterious. Leaving some things to the imagination can keep a new sweetie curious, and wanting more.
  • 2 – Humor is a Turn-On

  • 3 – Confidence is Key

    Despite his bad teeth and unimpressive looks, women find Austin Powers irresistible because of his unshakeable confidence in himself.
  • 4 – Chivalry Isn’t Dead

    The unrepentant womanizing of the titular character didn’t mean that he wasn’t chivalrous – he turned down a kiss from the gorgeous but inebriated Vanessa out of respect for the fact that her inhibitions might have been lowered by drinking.
  • 5 – We All Wear Different Faces

    In the course of three films, series creator Mike Myers played several of the most recognizable characters, all vastly different from one another. Just as he played many roles, so do those in a new relationship. Juggling all of the different aspects of our personalities in order to make a good impression isn’t very far removed from playing a completely different character from ourselves altogether.
  • 6 – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Throughout the trilogy, the characters poke fun at themselves, the films and each other. Not being afraid to laugh at yourself is quite an attractive virtue, and will make all of your relationships more enjoyable.
  • 7 – The Wrong Woman Can Steal Your Mojo

    Just like Austin’s mojo was stolen during an escapade with Ivana Humpalot, having an ill-advised flirtation with the wrong woman can lead to all kinds of problems in real life. Nothing wrecks mojo quite like a broken heart!
  • 8 – One-Dimensional Characters Get Old Quickly

    Even some of the most devoted fans of the first film had become tired of the same old jokes by the third installment. Hiding aspects of your personality or the quirks that give you depth will eventually cause a mate to find you dull. Don’t hold onto that flat persona for too long.
  • 9 – You Can’t Help Who You Love

    Regardless of her tough exterior and his poor treatment, Frau Farbissina still carries a torch for Dr. Evil. Though it was implied that she was a lesbian in the first two films, a prison make-up scene in the third movie indicates that she still harbors feelings for him.
  • 10 – Fear of Rejection Makes You Bitter

    The villainous Fat Bastard’s actions stem from his self-loathing and fear of rejection; that same fear causes many people to alienate those who care about them in order to avoid being hurt. This behavior can leave one lonely and bitter; Fat Bastard’s character teaches us that accepting ourselves is the first step to allowing others to love us.

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