10 of the Most Common & Romantic Meaning of Flowers

10 of the Most Common & Romantic Meaning of Flowers

Have you received flowers lately? Wonder what’s the meaning behind these flowers? Most women are unaware of the meaning behind flowers so whether you send flowers yourself or through a florist make sure the card holds the information to the meaning of flowers being sent.

Any good florist will know the meaning of the flowers, so if buying through a florist tell them the message you want to send and they will advise you on which flowers are appropriate.

Here’s Top 10 lists of the Most Common and Romantic Flowers with their Respective Meanings.

10 – Iris

Blue is faith and hope, purple means compliments or wisdom, white is purity and yellow is passion.

9 – Acacia

Unspoken love, send these if you want to let someone know of your secret admiration.

8 – Primrose

I can’t live without you (evening primose means happy in love).

7 – Lilac

Represents youthful or humility, also confidence.

6 – Carnation

Fascination. Pink is maternal love, striped carnations mean refusal and say you cannot be with someone, yellow is rejection or disappointment but red means my heart aches for you or I am fascinated with you.

5 – Orchid

Rare beauty, refinement, beautiful woman, long life, femininity or mature charm.

4 – Lily

White is purity or virginity, yellow means walking on air but also falsehood and orange means I burn for you.

3 – Tulip

Red is a declaration of love, multicolored means you have beautiful eyes and yellow is hopelessly in love.

2 – Daisy

Mostly represents innocence or a loyal love.

1 – Rose

Red roses say “I love you” but if you place red and white roses together it symbolises perfect unity. A thornless rose means “loved you at first sight”. Each colour of rose has a different meaning but for love red is the only colour to send.


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