Most Common New Year’s Resolution

Most Common New Year’s Resolution

What is it this year? It’s a big sigh – I know that it’s just a matter of days and well have to say goodbye to 2011 and let’s face a new year ahead with what we foresee as a great year. New Year also means a time to have change even though part of idea which changes often is being applied at first and then just a few months after and then it’s gone in our mind. It is also directly related on our topic today – New Year’s Resolution. I don’t have to explain the meaning of the phrase but it connotes action towards achieving a certain goal within a year or maybe even continuous for the next few years. Let me present to you the top 10 lists of the most common New Year’s resolution we hear, read and well trying to achieve yearly.

  • 1 – Losing Weight

    This must be the most common New Year resolution I ever heard, read throughout my entire existence. I know how we dream of becoming the next Mister and Miss Universe with a stunning body that may shame swimsuit magazine for not getting you as a model. Though I also agree that is a fact that is hard to accomplish when we take it as just a thought and not putting them into action. Hope that next year, you will erase this on your list. Make a plan of what you will give up (late night snacks, that extra meal) in exchange for a lean body. You only have to make this shift once in your lifetime to get lasting results.

    Tips: You may watch the Biggest Loser and be inspired. Get lose man!

  • 2 – Save more bucks by spending less

    Saving bucks is on our number two spot. As the song once says, money makes the world go round, spending less means having more in your savings. We might argue with the statement but money is vital in human survival since we are all living in this planet and we have to follow what should be followed by most of us. From basic needs to our most love things, it involves money. Money is not greedy – it’s the one who used them to greediness. So before you buy something, always spend some time justifying the reason. You should spend the same amount of time it took you to earn that money on reasoning before you buy. If you do this, you will be able to cut most of the impulse purchases and you will be drawn to a better deal elsewhere.

  • 3 – How to get organized on everything

    I may not be referring to obsessive compulsive disorder but we love to see clean and organize from things that we used up to our daily schedule. As a New Year resolution website says, “Punctuality and organization is very crucial in a man’s life.” To be called a well discipline people, we must take note the importance of punctuality and organization in every way we do. This year, let’s reward ourselves with time management and fixed unorganized matters in life.

  • 4 – Enjoy life to the Fullest

    Enjoying life to the fullest isn’t a hard one to deal with. As far as I know, this is the most achieved in every New Year’s resolution. Life comes once and should be enjoyed as much as possible in the right way. Staying alone and isolated, and staying morose does not help. It is an individual’s duty to stimulate oneself more and more so that they can reach the goal that they intend for. As the years are passing by, you are moving closer to the end of life. This should be seen as a positive aspect in life, because it encourages you to enjoy what you have in your life right now. Therefore make a resolution to find a reason everyday to enjoy life, enjoy everything that you do and enjoy every little moment in life, and then the life becomes worth living.

  • 5 – Staying Fit and Healthy

    There are many people who lead a much undisciplined life and do not take care of their health. Staying physically and mentally fit should be another important resolution which can change your life positively and effectively. Regular exercise for half an hour everyday can help a lot in keeping mental peace.

  • 6 – Learn Something New and Exciting

    We all know that everything has it’s time to be ripe, maybe this is the year to do so – Acquiring more knowledge and skills. Time waits for none and it should never be wasted. There are so many things that a person might engage himself or herself into apart from what they do. Where do you waste most of your time everyday? Do you spend idle time during waiting for the bus or train? Carry a book or an audio book on your career or profession every time you travel. Can you cut down on the time you spend watching TV, and learn a new skill? You’re never too young or old to learn a new skill. Therefore, make a resolution to upgrade your skills.

  • 7 – Smoking: Try harder in avoiding or quitting

    According to studies, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and has negative health impacts on people at all stages of life. It can also harm unborn babies, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Smoking is injurious to health and it is known to all. There are numerous number of people can’t give up their smoking habits even if they tried to stop. If you’re still addicted – try using an electric cigarette which is an alternative to traditional one.

    Advice: Love your life – no one is to blame when something happens to you!

  • 8 – Helping Others in Their Dreams

    Everybody thinks about oneself but there are few people who care for others. A great resolution is to help others. It always feels very nice to know that our actions can make other people smile and this is something to be proud about. You don’t need to be rich to help others. You can help others in 2011 with your time and skills. The more you help others, later you will also receive favors from other people because of the law of reciprocity.

  • 9 – Falling in Love

    I might say that I am very naive about this topic. *LOL – but let me tell you that according to what I believe, love is the most wonderful thing ever happen in a human life which makes us unique – the ability to love and care. Love is a feeling that comes from within. Are you in a relationship and is it the time to get engaged? Or is it the time to find someone in your life to share your experiences with? It’s never too late to fall in love.

    Tips: Still don’t find the one fit for you? Don’t find it, you never knew she/he is just with you – you are just so blind in finding something you already have.

  • 10 – Spend More Time with Family

    This would definitely be in your yearly list. Having spent more time with the family seems an out way or usually neglected by most of us. Have you ever missed the times where we bond with our family members? Playing with our younger brother or sister or son and daughter or movie bonding with dad and mom or even cooking stuff with granny and playing chess with pop? How about alone time with your wife? Yes – that what we most in concerned and need to fill them up this coming year.

    Tips: A simple “Thank You” to them can make a much bigger difference.


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