10 Most Famous Hospitals in the World

10 Most Famous Hospitals in the World

The top 10 most famous hospitals in the world got to be so famous because of their standards of excellence in treating patients in multiple medical specialties. Understandably the most famous hospitals in the world are also the best. You will probably recognize most of the names from this list and understand why they are so famous based on why they were chosen.


One of the markers used to decide the best hospitals, which incidentally are also the most famous, is reputation. To decide the rankings for the category of reputation 200 physicians in each medical specialty area are asked to decide on which 5 hospitals they would deem to be the best in their particular specialty when it comes to complicated or difficult cases. This is just one of the markers used to rate hospitals. This marker counted for 32.5% of the overall score.

Mortality Index

The next criterion used to evaluate the performance of hospitals is how good they are when it comes to keeping their patients alive, which seems like a highly appropriate test of a hospital’s quality. To determine the rankings for this marker, Medicare inpatients admitted with certain conditions are looked at to see if they were still alive 30 days later. These inpatient deaths were compared to the expected mortality rates for their respective conditions. This marker counted for 32.5% of the total score.

Patient Safety Index

This marker consists of 7 different items regarding the mistakes that happen at even the best hospitals. To give you an idea of the items included, two of them are when patients die while afflicted with conditions that did not put them at what is considered significant risk and when incisions that are made do not stay closed. This criterion’s purpose is measuring how well a hospital does in minimizing the number of these errors to keep patients safe. This marker made up 5% of the final total tally.

Other Care Factors

This category includes a number of care factors such as medical technology and nurse staffing. This marker made up 30% of the final ranking.

The 10 of the Most Famous

There is something to be said when people choose the best hospitals to be the most famous. This is putting the focus where it belongs, on those hospitals that are excelling in their fields. These top 10 lists of most famous hospitals in the world are the ones you want to go to when it really counts.

1 – Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the teaching hospital and biomedical research facility of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, located in Baltimore, the U.S. state of Maryland. It was founded using money from a bequest by philanthropist Johns Hopkins. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are the founding institutions of modern American medicine and are the birthplace of numerous traditions including “rounds”, “residents” and “housestaff”. Many medical specialties were formed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, including neurosurgery, by Harvey Williams Cushing; endocrinology by Alfred Blalock; pediatrics (Park) and child psychiatry, by Leo Kanner.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest hospitals.[6] It was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the best overall hospital in America for 21 consecutive years until supplanted by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in 2012. The hospital’s main medical campus in East Baltimore is served by the eastern terminus of the Baltimore Metro Subway.

2 – Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota, specializing in treating difficult cases (tertiary care). Patients are referred to Mayo Clinic from across the U.S. and the world, and it is known for innovative and effective treatments. Mayo Clinic is known for being at the top of most accredited quality standard listings; for example, it has been near the top of the U.S. News & World Report List of “Best Hospitals for more than 20 years”. The practice is distinguished by integrated care, and a strong research presence is evidenced by the fact that over 40% of its resources are devoted towards research (rather than just medical practice).

3 – Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General or MGH) is the primary teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School and a biomedical research facility located in the West End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. With the opening of the Lunder Building in 2011, it is the largest hospital in New England with 1,051 beds.

It has most recently been ranked as the top hospital overall in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. It is ranked nationally in all adult specialties as well as four pediatric specialties.

MGH was the original teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and is currently one of over a dozen hospitals affiliated with HMS. MGH is owned by Partners HealthCare, which was formed by MGH and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1994. MGH is also a member of the consortium which operates Boston MedFlight.

4 – Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic (formally known as the Cleveland Clinic Foundation) is a multispecialty academic medical center located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The Cleveland Clinic is currently regarded as one of the top 4 hospitals in the United States as rated by U.S. News & World Report.

The Cleveland Clinic was established in 1921 by four physicians for the purpose of providing patient care, research, and medical education in an ideal medical setting. One of the largest private medical centers in the world, the Cleveland Clinic saw more than 3,200,000 patient visits in 2009, with almost 80,000 hospital admissions. Patients arrive at the Cleveland Clinic from all 50 states and more than 100 nations. The Cleveland Clinic’s approximately 50 staff physicians and residents represent 120 medical specialties and subspecialties. The Cleveland Clinic was ranked number one in America for cardiac care from 1994 to 2012.

Cleveland Clinic is also an Ohio nonprofit corporation which as of December 2010 had 10 regional hospitals in Northeast Ohio, a hospital and family health center in Florida, and a health center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a specialty center in Las Vegas, and a hospital in Abu Dhabi opening in 2013.

5 – Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (also commonly referred to as UCLA Medical Center) is a hospital located on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California, United States.

UCLA Medical Center has research centers covering nearly all major specialties of medicine as well as dentistry and is the primary teaching hospital for the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. The hospital’s emergency department is certified as a level I trauma center for adults and pediatrics. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is a constituent part of the UCLA Health System, a comprehensive consortium of research hospitals and medical institutes affiliated with UCLA, including:

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

UCLA Medical Group, with its wide-reaching system of primary-care and specialty-care offices throughout the greater Los Angeles region.

Collectively, the hospitals and specialty-care facilities of the UCLA Health System make it among the most comprehensive and advanced healthcare systems in the world. It is rated as one of the top five hospitals in the United States and is the top hospital on the West Coast according to US News & World Report.

6 – New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell

NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital is a university hospital in New York City affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and Cornell University’s Weill Medical College. It is composed of two distinct medical centers, Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center. A major international and regional referral center, the hospital is considered among the best in the world and is currently ranked 7th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

7 – University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center is a world renowned hospital in research and a teaching hospital in San Francisco, California. It is one of the leading hospitals in the United States and with the UCSF School of Medicine has been the site of various breakthroughs in all specialities of medicine. Patients with complex diseases from around the world seek treatment at UCSF Medical Center.

With campuses located at Parnassus Heights and Mount Zion, UCSF Medical Center is affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco. It has been ranked as the 7th-best overall medical center in the United States by U.S.News & World Report. The following specialties were ranked in the top 10: endocrinology #4; neurology and neurosurgery #5; gynecology #6; urology #8; rheumatology #9; ophthalmology #9.

A new 43-acre (170,000 m2) campus in the Mission Bay neighborhood is expected to eventually host new hospital facilities.

8 – Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is the largest hospital in the U.S. state of Missouri. It is the adult teaching hospital for Washington University School of Medicine, and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is consistently rated one of the top hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

9 – Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

The HUP is a hospital affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania Health System located in the University City section of West Philadelphia. The hospital was founded at its current location in 1874 by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, making it the oldest university-owned teaching hospital in the country. For 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked HUP as one on its list of the best hospitals in the nation.

10 – Duke University Medical Center

Duke University Medical Center (commonly referred to as Duke University Hospital) is a 924-bed academic tertiary care facility located in Durham, North Carolina. Since its establishment in 1930, the hospital has grown from a small regional hospital to an academic medical center. Duke University Hospital is the flagship teaching hospital for the Duke University Health System, a network of physicians and hospitals serving Durham County and Wake County, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, as well as one of three Level I referral centers for the Research Triangle of North Carolina (the other two are UNC Hospitals in nearby Chapel Hill and WakeMed Raleigh in Raleigh).

These are the 10 most famous hospitals in the world and the criteria for why they became so famous. It says a lot that people know the best hospitals to go to. Greatness deserves to be acknowledged.


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