10 of the Nations/Countries Where Facebook Rocks and Rules

10 of the Nations/Countries Where Facebook Rocks and Rules

I first read the news here at AzraelsMerryland and he explained that “Philippines has the highest penetration of Facebook in the world at 93.9%.

Penetration means the total number of Facebook users vs the total number of Internet users in the Philippines.”

The main source of the news came here at and they showed here the Top 10 nations where Facebook rules the net, and they gave a nice stats based on data provided by comScore, Inside Facebook, New Media Trend Watch, and ZDNet and announced that the Philippines is the number 1 users of Facebook. Here’s the complete top 10 list:

10. Venezuela

Facebook: 86.2%
Twitter: 21.0%
LinkedIn: 3.2%
Internet Use: 37.7%

Venezuela has the third highest rate of Twitter use among Internet users.

According to research firm comScore, 21% of Venezuela’s Internet users have Twitter accounts.

The only countries with higher percentages are Indonesia and Brazil.

America, by comparison, has a usage rate of 12%, the eleventh highest.

Social media also plays a large role in Venezuelan politics. Hugo Chavez, the country’s president, has 1.5 million Twitter followers. He is the second-most followed political figure, behind only Barack Obama.

9. Colombia

Facebook: 86.9%
Twitter: 14.6%
LinkedIn: 3.3%
Internet Use: 48.7%
More than 86% of Colombians visited a social networking site in September, with Facebook leading the category.
Visitors averaged 4.6 hours on the site during the month.

Nearly 7 out of 10 Colombians visited a photo sharing site in September 2010 led by Colombia is the fastest-growing Internet market in Latin America, growing 31% in the past year to reach 11.8 million unique visitors in September 2010, according to comScore.

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site in the country, with visitors having spent an average of 4.6 hours on the site during one month, of a total 20.4 hours spent online.

8. Peru

Facebook: 87.2%
Twitter: 12.5%
LinkedIn: 4.6%
Internet Use: 27%
Although a large portion of Peru’s Internet users are involved with social networking websites, it has a relatively small minority of people who use the Internet at all.

As of January 2011, only 27% of Peruvians were online, one of the lowest rates among the Latin American countries.

Peru also had the second slowest growth among Latin American countries of Internet users in 2010, according to Inside Facebook.

The only country to have slower growth was Brazil.

7. Indonesia

Facebook: 87.5%
Twitter: 22.0%
LinkedIn: 1.3%
Internet Use: 12.3%

Social network penetration in Indonesia is the third greatest in Southeast Asia as of the beginning of 2011, at 90% of those people online.

According to comScore, the country’s high adoption rates are due “almost exclusively” to Facebook.

In January 2011, 22% of Indonesian Internet users visited Twitter, the fourth-greatest share among all countries.

Indonesia, however, has the smallest percentage of Internet users among the countries on this list — 12.3%.

6. Malaysia

Facebook: 88.4%
Twitter: 10.8%
LinkedIn: 2.9%
Internet Use: 64.6%

Malaysia has the second-highest social network penetration in Southeast Asia, with 91%.

One of the most increasingly popular social-networking activities in the country is photo-sharing on sites such as Facebook.

From 2009 to 2010, the popularity of online photo-sharing increased by 57% in Malaysia. This is the second greatest percentage among Southeast Asian countries.

5. Argentina

Facebook: 89.2%
Twitter: 18.0%
LinkedIn: 6.4%
Internet Use: 64.4%

Facebook has become extremely popular in Argentina recently.

As of May 2011, Argentina’s penetration rate was 89.2%.

27.8% of minutes spent online in Argentina are spent on social networks, making the category the second most popular online destination.

The first is portals.

4. Chile

Facebook: 90.2%
Twitter: 14.3%
LinkedIn: 5.9%
Internet Use: 50%

Chile has among the highest rates of Internet use among Latin American countries, with 50% of Chileans online.

According to comScore, 28.5% of all minutes spent online in Chile are spent on social networking sites, up 8.9 percentage points from the previous year.

This makes it the most popular activity online based on “minutes used.”


Facebook: 90.9%
Twitter: 16.6%
LinkedIn: 3.4%
Internet Use: 45%

Turkey has the highest Facebook penetration among all the Eurasian countries, with a rate of 90.9%.

The second highest is the UK, with 81.7%.

Internet users in Turkey also spend the third greatest amount of time on social networking sites among all nations, behind only Russia and Israel. The average Turkish social network visitor spends 7.6 hours a month on social networking sites.

2. Israel

Facebook: 91.0%
Twitter: 5.0%
LinkedIn: 6.4%
Internet Use: 71.6%

Israel has the highest rate of Internet use among the countries on this list, with 71.6% of the country’s population being “plugged in.” It is also very involved with Facebook.

Besides having the second highest rate of Facebook usage among Internet users, Israelis spend the second most amount of time on social networking sites, behind only Russia.

Israel’s social network users spend an average of 9.2 hours on social network sites a month.

1. Philippines

Facebook: 93.9%
Twitter: 16.1%
LinkedIn: 1.9%
Internet Use: 29.7%

Social network penetration is incredibly high in the Philippines, reaching 95%.

Facebook is the country’s most popular website, more so than Google, and has a penetration rate of 93.9%.

The Philippines is also the eighth most popular country for Twitter use on a global scale, with a penetration rate of 16.1%.

The popularity of photo sharing has increased by 46% in the country in one year, largely due to Facebook.

Social networking is so popular among Filipinos, the country has been nicknamed “The Social Networking Capital of the World.”


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