Positive Results of Laughing (Having a Good Sense of Humor)

Positive Results of Laughing (Having a Good Sense of Humor)

“Laugh and the world will laugh with you”, how powerful that statement is! Sense of humor has become one of the most significant senses an individual has been blessed with. Laughing conveys a feeling of pleasure, delight and joy. Laughter is also considered among the most basic and spontaneous activities we can engaged ourselves with. Humor is indeed free and it does not require so much effort on our part. It can be contagious than any infectious disease which is beneficial to each and every one since we can get so many positive results from it.

Lessened emotional stress, tension and fatigue, lowered hypertension, pain relief and improved learning and thinking abilities are just some of the health rewards which can be acquired from consistent laughing. Each of us laugh several instances each day for various reasons – it could possibly be after hearing a joke, reading a comic strip or book and undeniably watching a hilarious comedy show or movie. Listed below are top 10 lists and only some of the many positive results of laughing.

  • 1 – Enables you to feel good

    There are a lot of exceptional health benefits we could possibly get from laughing but aside from that, it just makes you feel so good. If you were disappointed, annoyed or angry about a specific thing, and a family member, a friend or a colleague causes you to smile and laugh, you will definitely forget even for just a second exactly what you were upset about. It does not only makes those who laugh feel much better about themselves but also those who are having fun along with them.

  • 2 – It is good for your body

    Laughing is known as a stress reliever. It reduces physical tension and makes your body muscles feel at ease. It basically boosts a person’s defense mechanisms or usually called “immune system”, therefore enhancing your ability to resist any kind of disease. Laughter greatly improves the circulation of the blood and this provides protection against cardiac arrest and some other cardiovascular complications.

  • 3 – Laughter appears to burn calories

    Throughout the years, numerous studies have discovered that having a good laugh increased both heart rate as well as calorie expenditure by as much as 20%. In addition to this, the longer individuals laugh for, the greater and better the outcome. Many would still believe that laughter really is a way to cure weight problems.

  • 4 – Laughing strengthens relationships

    It improves our capability to connect and interact with other people. An individual who smiles most of the time is obviously well-liked and well-known among a group. Shared laughter is probably the most effective, reliable and beneficial means for keeping human relationships enjoyable and healthy.

  • 5 – Laughing/Humor can help relieve pain, distress and discomfort

    A sound laugh will be far better as compared with a pain-killing remedy. Laughing greatly increases the production of certain hormones, which happen to be our whole body’s natural pain relievers. It may possibly help improve one’s very own standard of durability and resistance for pain, distress and discomfort.

  • 6 – Laughing delivers various physiological health advantages

    It promotes self-confidence and offers physiological vitality to deal with issues, conflicts, differences and struggles in life. It also aids us to emerge from stress, anxiety and other forms of depressions. It helps boosts our emotional and intellectual well-being and causes us to put aside all of the worries and tensions in our hectic every day lives.

  • 7 – Humor improves job performance

    For a lot of employees, a very good part of their every single work day is already used up at some levels of tension that are generally worsening their overall performance at work and the quality of the service they provide. Now that we know there is no more effective tool than a sense of humor to easily lessen levels of stress and to re-energize personal efforts to carry out a task.

  • 8 – Humor improves a person’s morale

    It will let you maintain an upbeat, hopeful and optimistic perspective despite challenging situations, disappointments, failures, and sometimes even loss.

  • 9 – Laughing is often comparable to a small amount of physical exercise

    When we laugh, our face muscles are like having a simple work out, it experience some muscle stretching. Through constant laughing we reduces the possibility of getting wrinkles at an early age, thus, making us look younger, better, more relaxed and absolutely feel good about ourselves.

  • 10 – Laughter captures the heart

    A sense of humor is basically the number 1 attractive trait that most of us will look for our partners to-be. For each and every relationship to become successful, we just need two light hearts, along with a little dose of fun and of course a good sense of humor help a lot in making a relationship a harmonious and a healthy one.


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