Realistic and Effective Tips to increase your Blog Traffic

Realistic and Effective Tips to increase your Blog Traffic

It may sounds annoying since you’ve heard this one a lot (I don’t know how many times though) across the web. Experts talking about how to increase website traffic presenting it in different styles like a robot, a bee or even a dog with a flower and a cloud message above saying blah-blah-blah increase your website visitor tips (No harm intended, I’m just stating facts here) which seems reiterate info’s and definitely annoying to someone who really need the right info when he found out that it’s no more than a fraud in marketing offering tools for them to buy. That sucks.

Through blogging, the fact to express ones perspective is the main reason behind doing this stuff. To earn money is preferred when a blogger succeeding to monetize his/her works and gain avid readers (in huge volume) which we called “Generated Traffic”. The difficulty in this scenario is how to generate huge traffic to your blog or website?

Here are top 10 lists of “Real” effective ways to increase traffic or visitors to your blog based on my experience as a blogger.

  • 1 – Create More Quality Content

    For me this is a huge factor to gain traffic. What I mean in Quality is not just unique content but also enticing and interesting to readers. Search engines too loves unique content specially Google. It is important to write quality content but quantity also matters.

    For beginners (blogging), post quality contents approximately 2-3 post per week. Avoid posting frequently like 2-3 Post per day

    Why? You’re not that huge like Mashable.

    Solution: If you have lots of thing to say… Go on twitter!

  • 2 – Don’t forget to submit your blogs to search engines

    As I mention earlier, search engines loves contents – so submit your links to search engines like Google or Yahoo (both have an option to submit links). It’s not that when you submit your blog to these search engines, it will appear in the first page of Google or Yahoo search. The main purpose is to be listed so that you might get a chance to be search.

    You may also ping your blog every time there’s an update to Pingomatic or Pingoat.

    Google Webmaster tool has a feature to crawl your updates automatically – so signup for it. You may consider Bing and Yahoo too.

  • 3 – Blog Commenting

    Did you know that commenting on other blogs is such powerful technique? Yes, I say it is. When you are reading post on other blogs with related niche as yours, try to leave a valuable comment so that when the blog owner or other readers may read it and proceed to your blog. It’s also another way of making friends – in doing so; you are gaining friends as well as trust and reputation.

    Some blogs do accept links when you comment so make the most out of it. Links is a very important factor in ranking your blogs.

    Note: If your motive is to do spamming… FORGET it!

  • 4 – Always put RSS feed button to your blogs

    Of course, you really need it because when your readers like your post, they might as well subscribe to your blog. Lots of subscription means great increase in traffic too.

  • 5 – The power of backlinks

    One way of receiving more traffic is that leaving a related backlinks in your every post. You have to make sure that your readers will probably click those links to read more of your articles and avoiding the instance of leaving your blog. Another thing about backlinking is it can help your post ranks better in search engines since it helps a lot for search engine to find your post easily.

  • 6 – Make sure to Tag your post

    Always tag your post. Try to spare your time in tagging keywords of your post. You may used Google Adwords Keyword tool or WordTracker to ensure that your keywords (labels) do have a valuable traffic either globally or locally.

  • 7 – Bookmark your post to Social Bookmarking sites

    Yes, I do agree that this step helps Always10’s traffic increase and inclined results of readers. Submitting or bookmarking your post links to authoritative social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Folkd, Wirefan and etc will help your blog gets real views and undeniably boost traffic to your blogs like mine.

  • 8 – The importance of SEO

    Search engine optimization is quite popular especially to us bloggers. Through SEO, your blog will greatly increase visitor traffic from search engine. Adding relevant keywords and links in your posts will generate huge amount of views from search engines.

    You may ask my SEO blogger/friends like Kira of LSGEEKSTER or Gian Faye of The.Loading-info.net about anything specific in that stuff.

  • 9 – Using captivating Images

    A picture paints a thousand words – that’s the easiest way to explain it. Using images in your blog post will make it looks attractive and you know, we do love reading books with pictures. You might have a chance to appear in Google Image Search (Which means possible traffic source again) if it is well optimized like adding ALT tags to it.

    Why put ALT tags? Google bots or crawlers can’t read images like humans do. By adding ALT tags to your images, you are simply telling the crawlers what that image is all about.

    *Rant Caution: Avoid putting too many images in your post (that depends if your target audience are kids). It may hurt your website loading speed which is also important.

  • 10 – Your blog is your trademark and signature

    This is also quite important. Your blog personality reflects you. Which translate as readers knows you through your blogs. It is good to always put your blog URL in all your signatures like in email signature and Social networking profiles. Show that you own that blog and you are proud about it because that blog resembles you. Adding blog links in your business card and images will also help.

That’s all folks! Let create a better blogging future. This is ME… signing off. Ciao!


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