10 of the World’s Happiest Countries/Nations

10 of the World’s Happiest Countries/Nations

It says that the happiness is a state of mind, and happiness worth than money. So it means, it is healthy and it is the best way for you to free yourself from pains. Being happy is a very important part in our lives. Happiness is result of small and big things that are happening in our lives that satisfies us.

With this, Forbes magazine published an issue containing a topic about the top 10 lists of happiest countries in the whole world derived from the research and study performed by Legatum Institute in London, England. These are the countries that are stated by the magazine as the happiest countries in the world:

  • 1 – Denmark

    Denmark is a country that is famous in for its compassionate policies, which counting as using drugs and prostitution are completely legal. Denmark is also renowned peaceful and welcoming pace, the beautiful structural design of the buildings and establishments, exceptional cuisine and especially the conventional welcome that id given to all the foreign tourists that are visiting the country.

  • 2 – Switzerland

    Switzerland is considered as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. Maybe it is because of the chocolate and delicious cuisine that they provide, and of course the beautiful sight that people can enjoy to watch. Not only can the people who reside in this country surely enjoy everything that is “Swiss”.

  • 3 – Austria

    Possibly it is also because of their mouth-watering cuisine, scenic beauty, and their up-to-date technology. And aside from this, Austria happy and content place to be, and a lot of tourists that have been to this country stated the loving welcome they received from this place.

  • 4 – Iceland

    Regardless of the fact that Icelanders spent a lot of years covers with total darkness, Iceland is now turning out to be very popular because the citizens’ generosity and friendliness, and as well because of the background of comfort and happiness. Each tourist is taking pleasure in everything about this country, from their beautiful hot springs to the country’s culture, which consists of noteworthy amount of famous publications and books that were made in this country.

  • 5 – The Bahamas

    Bahamas has a superb type of weather, a powerful monetary system, and astonishing places added to the comfort of tourists and people who are living here that are enjoying this stunning island destination.

  • 6 – Finland

    Although Finland is not yet well-developed country, it has a lot of magnificent views. Furthermore it has straight way in to the contemporary life, which differentiates citizens of Finland’s way of living. A lot of tourists that have been to this country said that Finland has a rich culture, yet exceptional modernity; which also is the reason why this country has been a very popular tourist destination.

  • 7 – Sweden

    Because of Sweden’s attractive towns, excellent foods, long parks and relaxing massage parlours, this country draws a lot of tourist each year, and this fact tots up together to make Sweden as one of the happiest countries in the world.

  • 8 – Bhutan

    One of the reasons why Bhutan id considered as on the happiest countries of the world is because of the magnificence of Himalayas. Aside from the eye-catching natural surroundings, the eternal image of Bhutan for the majority of its tourists is the powerful sympathetic of culture and traditions, which attaches this kingdom and obviously differentiates Bhutan from its other bigger neighbours.

  • 9 – Brunei

    Aside from being a country that is very rich in oil resources, Brunei is also a tax-free country; it is in general a rich country. Citizens of Brunei live in a contented way of life and passionately hail tourists that are from other countries.

  • 10 – Canada

    Canada is the largest country in North America, and the second in the whole world. This country is famous all over the world because of its large unharmed scenery and unique customs. Canada is also the one of the world’s major tourist destinations. This country is also considered as one of the riches country in the whole world. The Canadian citizens are very friendly on tourists that visiting their land.

Happiness can be extremely prejudiced. Several people are happy when it started to rain, and others are happy when the rain stops and sun started to shine. So how is it measured? It seems that the people at World Database of Happiness consider a number of a lot of things like standard life expectation and most significantly the answer to the following numerous option question “How happy are you?” We by then evaluated “life contentment” attainments to the other dimensions to discover those financial and socio-political realities that had the uppermost and least parallel to happiness.


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