Adorable Kid attempts to organize his 5 kittens goes Viral

Adorable Kid attempts to organize his 5 kittens goes Viral

There’s nothing more entertaining than having to put kids and kittens in one place – just like other viral videos circulating online.

Cats can be a fantastic addition to family with kids. We have seen cats turn into the most loved and cherished friend of many children aside from dogs.

If you have kids and are trying to decide whether or not to bring home a cat, or if you already have a cat and are bringing a new child into the family, then this viral video might help you decide.

A viral clip from Cedar Falls, Iowa has been featured on Youtube showing a child as he hilariously attempts to control and organize of five disobedient little kittens gaining half a million views in just few days.

In a trending video where in a little boy named Ryder tried to keep five kittens all in one place as they run around in his garden in Iowa.

It has gained attention online because of how serious but amusing Ryder seems to take his task.

The poor kid repeatedly utters: “We’ve got a situation here! We’ve got lots of situations.”

In the end of the clip, Ryder still had not managed to complete his task as one little kitten can be seen concealed in a bush.

You can definitely see why animal lovers liked this – its a great diversion from a stressful day.

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