An Island 2000 Miles Away from Civilization, Midway Birds are Dying

In an Island Located 2000 Miles from the Nearest Continent, Birds are Dying for Appalling Reasons!
An Island 2000 Miles Away from Civilization, Midway Birds are Dying

Humans have made wonderful developments across the world yet we are also destroying the Earth and its inhabitants.

In our quest for development, a lot of things have been compromised – and the effects may not be direct, leading us to believe we were doing nothing wrong.

Yet, can we really admit to ourselves that our actions have led to the destruction of Earth?

The forests of the Earth are home to various creatures, big and small.

Humans have encroached on this territory, destroying the trees which are essentially the habitat of many animals.

Confused and without their homes now, these creatures turn towards the villages where they are killed by people who could not understand they were the ones who drove these creatures to human homes!

Now, did you know there is an island in the middle of nowhere whose inhabitants are being destroyed by the action of humans living thousands of miles away?

That’s Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean, set over 2,000 miles from the nearest continent.

The birds on Midway Island are dying off for the most appalling reasons: ingestion of plastics and various pieces of garbage, something not readily available on the island!

There are very few people living there yet these birds are dying of our trash!

How is that possible?Of course, the most obvious reason to this is that birds can fly to great distances in search of food or to migrate.

Somehow, along the way, they pick up various pieces of trash which their bodies could not digest, leading to their untimely deaths.

But why so many deaths? The sad answer to this is that the Midway Island is in close proximity to the Great Pacific garbage patch, an island made entirely of trash!

Both islands are located in the North Pacific Ocean.

Thus, even when Midway Island is located almost equidistant between any landmass in North America and Asia, its flying inhabitants have full access to a large island of trash estimated to be over 5,800,000 sq mi (15,000,000 square kilometers) (0.41% to 8.1% of the size of the Pacific Ocean) in size!

Watch this heartbreaking, eye-opening video:

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