This smart kitty knows exactly how to unlock the door

This smart kitty knows exactly how to unlock the door

Curious by nature, most cats are intelligent creatures, quite active, which means they can figure out how to jump to the most obscure places or find a way out.

They are what we say highly inquisitive – a sign of intelligence at work and this 40 seconds viral clip backs that.

The cat owner Brian Rickett from Cabot, Arkansas uploaded online a now-viral short clip of his cat Philo opening the front door of his house like what humans would.

Recently, Rickett has spent an hour and half installing a new cat door for his cat “could come and go as he pleases.”

The cat’s reaction was shocking as Philo used the door knob in order to open the door instead of using the new cat door.

The video was uploaded on Youtube last Aug 18, 2015 and went viral gaining almost half million views as of this posting.

We have seen cats being trained to perform tricks as seen on popular films or TV advertisements, but do not have the same range as dogs.

This might lead to the conclusions that cats are very intelligent but not co-operative at most times.

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