Most Talked-About Shared Photos in Facebook

Most Talked-About Shared Photos in Facebook

Facebook has changed the plane of user interaction in the web as it rose to being the most popular networking website. According to statistics, Facebook has more than 800 million active users and more than 50% of them log on to the site in a given day. An average Facebook user has 130 friends and connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. This social networking site has undeniably changed the way we communicate and interact with the people we personally know and the way we exchange ideas with people we meet in the community pages.

The statistics further show that users interact with more than 900 million objects in Facebook. These include more than 250 million photos uploaded each day on average. Some are inspiring and humorous, and some go the extra mile of attracting much attention by being the “talk of the town” or more precisely, the “talk of the cyberspace.” Many of these photos had created a stir within the networking site and in conventional media.

Riffing through these photos, here are top 10 lists of the Most Talked-About Shared Photos in Facebook.

1 – You are Not a Photographer; You Just Have an Overpriced Camera

The photo’s direct message brings to attention the popular fixation on expensive DSLRs. It stresses that photography is not about expensive gadgets.

If you look the meaning of the word “photographer” in the dictionary, it is a person who takes photographs, either as a hobby or profession. So definitely, the price of your gear doesn’t necessarily defines you as a photographer – Jhiegzh

2 – Lola Aurelia reunited with his missing husband Lolo Luis Matias

Lola Aurelia was the old woman sitting by herself at the corner of Buendia Street and Roxas Boulevard with flyers pinned at the front and at the back of her dress. The flyer says she is looking for her husband, Lolo Luis Matias. He is 78 years old, suffers from memory lapses, and had been missing for 2 weeks.

With the aid of Facebook user Reddie Js (who first posted the picture) and the 53,760 people who shared it, Lola Aurelia was finally reunited with Lolo Luis. (see the video here)

I will not let this happen to my Mom. Mothers are living martyrs. – Mylene Tamayo

3 – Steve Jobs and the Dying Children

When Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of APPLE died on October 5, 2011, millions of people all over the world expressed their grief on their Facebook walls. However, this montage compared his death to the children dying of starvation with the caption “1 Person Dies and 100 Million Cry – 1 Million Die and No One Cries.” What do you think?

This is hardly relevant. Steve Jobs brought us all sorts of technology. What did those kids do for us? You can thank Mother Teresa for impinging the sweat-shop approach to child birth. The Catholic Church is against teaching third world countries about birth control so now let them live with their decisions. – Joe Klement

4 – Janella Lelis Saved the Philippine Flag during Typhoon Juaning in Albay

The 12-year old Bicolana Janella Lelis went bravely against the raging flood just to save the Philippine flag during the onslaught of Typhoon Juaning in Malinao, Albay. The photo was taken by Francisco Pena Lozano while he was watching Janella’s heroic act.
Due to her patriotism, she earned the admiration of Philippine President Noynoy Aquino and many Filipinos worldwide.

A pupil and a kid with a deep sense of patriotism that this country needs to unite and stand up on its feet! Worth emulating! – Willy Nicolas

5 – What social network should you use for your status post?

Using a process flow diagram, this image helps the users in choosing the appropriate social network for different kinds of status posts. The users are led to consider several factors like the feelings of people who are on their friends’ list or those who follow them. Will they be offended by the status post? Would it be awkward to explain that status to one’s boss or to one’s parents? If yes, then the user is urged not to post it.

6 – Judgment Day will be on May 21, 2011

Harold Camping, an American Christian broadcaster, predicted that Lord Jesus Christ will be coming to Earth on May 21, 2011 – the Judgment Day. His prediction spread all over the world and got huge media attention. He also said that there will be plagues with millions of people dying each day. However, as we know it, these events did not happen.

Camping pressed on and changed his prediction – October 21, 2011 was the new date for the end of the world. Because of his fizzled predictions, Camping on a private interview admitted that he no longer believes that anybody could know the time of the Rapture.

You better stop predicting about end times. Only God the Father knows when He is coming back. – Steven Kirst

7 – Tsunami Walk of Miss Shamcey Supsup in Miss Universe 2011

On September 2011 at Sao Paolo, Brazil, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup won 3rd Runner Up in the 2011 Miss Universe. But before the pageant started, Shamcey’s official gown was rumored to be a recycled Alfredo Barraza – the designer of the gown previously worn by Miss Colombia, Catalina Robayo Vargas.

However, this rumor didn’t stop Shamcey in giving her best. During the pageant night, she earned the trade mark for the Tsunami Walk with the swaying of her middle body likened to a tsunami wave as she walked.

Trade mark is yours when it comes to walking with Tsunami style!!! And the beauty of humanity as well the real world talent is one of the most ever! – Gloria Pedraja

8 – December 20, 2011: A Day Before The End of the World?

This calculation caught the attention of many people because of its mathematically incorrect treatment on the addition of the dates of two unforgettable events in recent history.

• 09-11-2001 – The 9-11 terrorist attacks. Terrorists took control of four commercial airliners, two of which crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.
• 03-09-2011 – A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan.

The sum of the two dates is a day short of December 21, 2011, said to be the last day of human civilization according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

9 – Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie: Media Exposure

Steve Jobs was the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Because of him we have iPhones, iPods, iPads, iMacs and many others. On the other hand, Dennis Ritchie was an American computer scientist who created the C Programming Language, and with his colleague Ken Thompson the UNIX operating system. Both of them died in the same year (2011) and the same month (October) but it seemed only a few noticed the death of Dennis Ritchie.

Usually the guy who wrote a song is not as famous and praised than the singer who sang it. – Bernard Wong

10 – Juan Manuel Marquez Stepping on Manny Pacquiao’s Foot and Throwing a Combination

It was on November 13, 2011 when Manny Pacman Pacquiao won against Juan Manuel Marquez by a majority decision. The final scores were 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 in favor of Pacquiao. PacMan’s victory on this match was not totally expected by the viewers because when his name was announced as the winner, he received boos from the audience.

A few days after the fight, a photo of the Foot Stopper Trick by JMM during his match with Pacquiao circulated online. This was thought to be the reason why PacMan became an easy target. What do you think?

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  1. VI says:

    nice post…

  2. Tristan says:

    I thought it was the same old photo sets that was being shared by Mashable, however, I was totally wrong! It was a combination of both Filipino and the world. Nice entry, Jhiegzh! Good luck to all of us!

  3. I so love Shamcey Supsup…Im glad her photo was included on the most talked-about shared photos in Facebook. She really rocks!

  4. I am really expecting JMM to win the game against Pacquiao, however seeing the photo circulated online, I just realized judges made the right decision. I don’t know if JMM did it intentionally, but 6 times? hmmmmm…

    Anyways, thanks for this post! I so love how you composed this article…Kudos Jose!

  5. Scolex says:

    In this list of Top 10, I was touched by the fact that the real people behind those great inventions or discoveries were not recognized. 
    I remembered one of the scientific attitudes and values I though to my students – to be “Intellectually honest”.I also remembered this quote from Isaac Newton when he acknowledged the contributions of Galileo and others to his work by saying: ” I was able to see further than others because I was standing on the shoulders of giants”.

  6. great compilation for 2011, I agreed on #9 Jobs vs. Ritchie info, my heart goes for Ritchie, he didn’t obtain specific ideas on marketing attacks for his name unlike Jobs who prioritize highly on marketing strategy.
    Though you forgot to include Gloria Arroyo’s viral “Saw” and “Robocop” braces and her lame excuses to exit the country.

  7. I’ve seen most of this known pictures on Facebook except that end of the world calculation.. I admit, I was also anxiously waiting for that stupid May 2011 Dooms Day hullabaloo hahaha! 

  8. air says:

    I was amazed by the photo of number four, it gives me goosebumps seeing that she has risk her life for the flag. hat’s off. Good review by the way.

  9. ^_^ I thought your byline is also one of the items on the list. Very nice collection you have here, Joe.

    You should have had included the story of a mother of a mother who saved her son during the Japan earthquake, but it was a hoax anyway.

  10. Because of the Lola Aurelia story, more and more people are asking everyone to find their lost relatives throug FB, G+, Twitter, Tumblr, and Plurk. Truly, social networking changed the landscape of locating lost people.

  11. kiko says:

    nice compilation of photos

  12. You are greatly amazing!!! Inspite of your hectic schedule you were able to track the issues all over the world and not even a single doubt you”ve shared and posted it…thanks for sharing! Since i always have too much on the plate everyday, i was updated through your blog….Couldn’t be any prouder of how you become this time. Here Jhiegzh…Two thumbs up for u!.

  13. Great compilation! 😛
    Though I’m aware of those photos(news) above, however, only 3 of them really caught my attention and which I admire most… – The Lola that reunited with his missing husband with the help of a social media site.- The 12-year old student that save the flag, in which I think the most patriotic Filipino alive.- The late 2 American computer scientists who created the C Programming Language and the UNIX operating system.

  14. Preferably, the first picture caught my attention! It is a mere opinion of a person who wants a DSLR, and I hate the message of the said image which I know was the outcome of his/her bitterness when it comes to photography.

  15. shirley mandel says:

    I saw five of these photos and spent reading it. Maybe it was in a different time zones and missed it. My most number of FB friends are younger (my previous students and friends of siblings and nieces). I don’t think they care most if the above pics, so less shared and talked.

  16. Christian Melanie Lee says:

    ayos to ha! the most shared photos talaga ung kay steve jobs. 🙂 great job, jm for this article. wait for my article here…hehe!

  17. I only came here for the first picture… that’s where humor, insecurity and hypocrisy met 😀

  18. LordCM18 says:

    Nasubaybayan ko nga halos lahat to, at ang pinakatumatak sa utak ko ung kay Steve Jobs, tama nga naman, ang daming namamatay dahil sa kahirapan pero ni wala man lang nag-alala…pero nung si Steve Jobs na sobrang yaman, tsk…

  19. shirley mandel says:

    Hi Jose. This is very interesting post. I am not familiar with other pictures. This my second comment. Something is wrong with my first.

  20. Regarding the photos of Pacquiao, well, the fight is not fair though. Regarding to the photo of Jobs and Ritchie, I guess, the one who sell stolen ideas was the Giant Gates. And the most touching one is about Lolo Luis.

  21. Jinx Kitt says:

     ,,nayz, we’ve come so far, welcome to the new generation.. i admit the fact that cyberspace is the new dimention added on Earth made by man. Most talk about on cyberspace!.. 🙂

  22. Jonathan Quiogue says:

    Great article! Haha, however isn’t this more of a Philippine perspective?

  23. Haha I like number 5! 

  24. Really nice post…

  25. lhanlhan19 says:

    hahha. ike din yung no. 5 pero mas nahabag ako sa no. 2 ^^

  26. I definitely like the top 1 topic. I can relate with that (based on my past experience)… There are several people underestimate you as a photographer. I believe in art, no matter how expensive or inexpensive gears you have. Each one of us has a unique talent, don’t let your talent underestimated by other people because of the things you cant have. Instead, enhance it and share it to others. nice one, jhiegzh! for this one, Ill give you the props!

  27. No. 5 is new to my eyes and I definitely agree your explanation behind the said image. Think before you post as what they say though! If you have problem face it, don’t Facebook it :)….I’m glad I able to read such post like this….Kudos Jose, for writing an amazing article

  28. I’ve seen most of them. #8 was a real FAIL. 😛

    c5 @

  29. Julius King Chua says:

    I still feel bad about what happened to Mr. Dennis Ritchie. The first time I heard his name was on a textbook of my big bro, and now, being one of the users of the C and the next level, C++ programming language, I won’t forget him. :(( 

  30. wow, asatig ang mga top ten, halatang may pinagbasehan at pinagisipan ng mabuti

  31. “Nice article for number seven : ) how many times i wanted to major major the tsunami walk but i cant”

  32. Great List! I still can believe Steve Jobs is gone 🙁

  33. According also to the article 1: as long as you have a potential to take/took some pictures why not??? theres nothing wrong of being obsessed with one thing… and also, having a good camera’s well, not a problem also coz they can afford… 🙂 (give me tissue please)

  34. I really like #4. This is a great list 😀

  35. Photo # 4 for me is the strongest photo in this list!

  36. JoMi says:

    Hello, Jhiegzh! I love the list, however, why GMA’s famous naruto photo isn’t here?! Hehehe! I hope you win, ‘coz you really did a great job on this! =)

  37. Only number 4 caught my attention…It is the patriotic thing to do and your duty as a citizen. 

  38. kayedee says:

    I gree with jomi ahah. I was expecting to see GMA’s photos lol. But seriously i hated when people are talking about end of the world. And putting dates on it! Grr. 🙂

  39. CareerMomOnline says:

    Everything except for two caught my attention. This compilation overall is both entertaining and informative … 😀

  40. Nice and interesting post… 😀


    love ur article much . keep it up!!

  42. bennix says:

    Hello kel, what a nice round up entry.Congrats in advance.Wish you all the best….:)

  43. Nice share… Seen some of those photos before. Lols.

  44. I love your Top 10 Jose….Keep it up!  You’re indeed an opinionated person…God Bless

  45. I love Lola Aurelia’s story.. That’s really something. This is a great share, jigz. Keep it up!

  46. Christia Ramos says:

    Hayaan niyo na lang kasi yung mga proud sa DSLR nila di ba? Eh pinaghirapan nila yun. 🙂

  47. yuuki0306 says:

    i like the #2 and #4 photos and stories, while the rest are just pure popularity…

  48. joysflair says:

    i’ve seen all of these photos on my wall but i just simply look at them and never clicked any of them hehe, why because am always in a hurry waaa

  49. Matsumoto Chan says:

    I was laughing so hard on the first one, so true! ^_^

  50. I like number four. The photo tells a story. I can see how brave the little child is. 🙂

  51. Gil Camporazo says:

    Very informative. This page is one of the best I like. Keep it up.

  52. Michelle Solee says:

    i agree with this list because i’ve seen this several times on my news feed.

  53. It’s amusing to see that this list in a way shows us what good things social networking can do (in the case of Lola Aurelia’s reunion with her husband) and the bad too.

    I remember sharing something like #1 on your list before I had a DSLR. LOL

    And, snap! I didn’t know about Shamcey’s Tsunami Walk! I need to read my friends’ FB posts more! ^_^

  54. Kathy Ngo says:

    some of the images shown, I never even saw haha … guess i’m not such an internet junkie … 

  55. Aj Banda says:

    you’ve got a nice post! 🙂

    for me the most memorable and really worth it is the picture of Lola Aurelia, it does show how powerful a social media is 🙂

  56. kRyStLe says:

    very interesting list..

  57. Xy-Za Yape says:

    I surely love #1… hehehe Coz Sometimes feeling photographers brag like hell even if their photos are not nice.. lols

  58. Hazel MCD says:

    I like to think Dennis Ritchie and his family didn’t want too much social exposure and got exactly what they wanted. A lot of scientists anyway go unnoticed. And I’ve heard a few not-so-positive things about Jobs. The first on your list – it’s one of the reasons why I am not rushing to buy a DSLR although I really want to. The tech learning part is what gets me.

  59. The list is good but I dont understand why shamsey is included :/

  60. #1 simply says: bato-bato salangit, tamaan wag magalit! hehe!

  61. Shirgie F says:

    You forgot to inclue Lolong. I think he should be included in the top 10.

  62. what i liked most was the girl saving the Philippine flag… iilan na lang ang nagbibigay halaga sa ating bandila… Yahweh bless.

  63. I don’t really want to encourage people dying for a replaceable flag.  It’s a newsworthy photo, but if you’re going to risk your life, save a person or even a dog.  There are other ways of respecting your flag, like promoting our Pinoy culture.

    Mas importante ang taong kailangan natin kesa taong nangangailan sa atin?

    It’s ok to grieve Steve Jobs.  He was a marketing man, pati yung death nya well-marketed.  Poor people just need more marketing, then we’ll grieve for them as much as we did for Jobs.  Look at the Coke commercial/PR effort on OFWs.  They’re anonymous people, but it touched a nerve.

  64. i think #1 will also be my #1 if I were to make the same list.. 😛 (that’s just my opinion) 🙂

  65. I love Photography, but it’s just now that I’ve had my own set of DSLR. In my case, I may have the cheap one but it doesn’t mean that I can’t be a Photographer.Hehe.
    P.S. Kudos to Ms. Shamsey Supsup.

  66. Zen says:

    Interesting pics ha.. Pinaka gusto ko yung sa Philippine flag rescued by this heroic person. Malaki ang pagpapahalaga niya sa flag just as her concern for our country. 🙂

  67. iway says:

    the 6th and 8th Most Talked-About Shared Photos in Facebook are those that I found nonsense. I wonder why people predict such things. Foolishness. lol

  68. Beng says:

    Out of 10 most shared photos, yung kay lola aurelia lang ang nashare ko, thanks for sharing such a great post. 🙂

  69. samantha says:

    This Top 10 list of talked-about shared photos in Facebook is quite too safe. I am expecting pics from Politics but nevertheless I am glad someone like you have thought of writing such article which is very unique and very enticing… The title itself will surely catch reader’s attention! Kudos JOse

  70. Nice, I know most people will agree on the first photo post..LOL

  71. heheh. kulang nga ang top10 eh, para mapost lahat ng most shared and talk fb wall photos. but this list is enough. pinaka fave ko syempre yung una. heheh. wala din kasi ako SLR. LOL hahah. this post deserves to have a part 2.^^

  72. Jonjon Susi says:

    Minsan nga ganun yung ng yayari… mahal lang yung camera na gamit nila pero d naman sila photographer.. pero dun na rin namn paputayun.. hehehe pero pinaka nagustuhan ko na shared photos yung lola… na hinahanap yung asawa nya.. tapos pag lipas ng ilang araw nga ba o lingo? nag kita din sila hehehe ^_^ nice post pare!

  73. Jonjon Susi says:

    Minsan nga ganun yung ng yayari… mahal lang yung camera na gamit nila
    pero d naman sila photographer.. pero dun na rin namn paputayun.. hehehe
    pero pinaka nagustuhan ko na shared photos yung lola… na hinahanap
    yung asawa nya.. tapos pag lipas ng ilang araw nga ba o lingo? nag kita
    din sila hehehe ^_^ nice post pare!

  74. Jonjon Susi says:

    Minsan nga ganun yung ng yayari… mahal lang yung camera na gamit nila
    pero d naman sila photographer.. pero dun na rin namn paputayun.. hehehe
    pero pinaka nagustuhan ko na shared photos yung lola… na hinahanap
    yung asawa nya.. tapos pag lipas ng ilang araw nga ba o lingo? nag kita
    din sila hehehe ^_^ nice post pare!


  75. iyah says:

    da best yung kay lola! i myself posted it on my fb wall! so glad talaga that this new technology can help us to make things easy! naks! 

  76. Saj Kamid says:

    I witnessed how that lola looking for her missing husband, steve jobs 1 person-1million and marquez foot stopper photos went some kind of viral.. and i believe they all made significant impacts to the online communities.

  77. I don’t know how to say this but the pic no.5 somewhat reminds me that we should think before we click….

  78. Wow ang daming shares sa Facebook. Astig ang post mo bro! Galeng mo.Sayo ba tong blog bro? 🙂

  79. Richard Macarubbo says:

    I heard about Lola-looking-for-Lolo news, but i think the kid saving Phils’ flag is equally interesting!

  80. I like the social networking photo. Indeed, it reminds us about the saying “think before you click.” As a surfer, of course one should be careful of what and where he’s posting, tweeting, plurking, blogging etc.. As it could reflect him or his company he is working. This photo I think will guide us to where or what website we can post something.

  81. Vimal Dwivedi says:

    All Facebook Pics shared here have great impact and all of them are great…
    thanks for your efforts for putting all of them at one place….

  82. Tsi Remo says:

    These topics deluge my feeds weeks ago, great compilation. Good job!

  83. Shali says:

    Nice job Joe. Thumbs up!. No doubt it took 3 weeks for you to brainstorm this kind of topic and able to deliver it to the public. Well written!!!


  84. Steve says:

    Very controversial pictures you’ve got there! Two thumbs up for this one dude…Appreciated your effort compiling these photos you’ve found in Facebook!

  85. Nice one jhiegz!

  86. Ane says:

    I am always on Facebook and I have seen some of the photos on your list. I’m very interested to find out the calculation of when the world is supposedly going to end. Glad to know I’d be dead before the world actually ends.. 😛 LOL

  87. After I read the most shared stories in Facebook, I able to visit this site and found out the most talked about shared photos. Though this post is quite subjective but I love the author wrote this article – very organized… Nevertheless, I am expecting humorous pics. 🙂

  88. Wow nice Top10 entry… Well written!!! I am glad Shamcey was included. 🙂

  89. cool sites,huh!!!u can view the updates & the recent photos of the most famous personalities nowadays…spontaneous written

  90. Thanks for sharing this. The list are really something to be talked about 🙂

  91. This is what I love from this blog –  a top 10 post that you as a reader can also formulate reactions/criticisms. Indeed, the pictures above are talked-about in Facebook. Nevertheless, this is an article worth reading! Kudos to the author as well as the author of this blog!

  92. I so love the introduction of this post – very informative. As a Facebook user, I am thankful for this post for making effort in letting people know Facebook statistics. 

    On the other hand, these 10 pictures are somewhat I’ve seen on my wall and indeed were talked about. At this point, all I can say this is such a nice post – quality article indeed!

  93. Well written article. Introduction itself enticed me to finish reading this.. –  very informative and love how the author wrote this article (very organized)…

    In line with these pictures, so far I love the love story of Lola Aurelia and Lolo Matias! 🙂

  94. So good I’ve crossed   your top ten.
    I learned a lot here.

    Thanks for sharing dear.

    Love Ate Gracia

  95. Ferry Jhoi says:

    I could say that those photos really had a big slot on FB!!!

    Good choices!!!Merry Christmas Jhigs ^_^

  96. Thanks Sir Tsi. My pleasure to see you here, reading my article…God Bless

  97. those are really interesting photos + i must say, controversial. thanks for sharing ^_^

  98. Hindi ‘to akin bro. Thanks Nonoy for the compliment!

  99. Ponciano Santos says:

    galing ng layout ng page mo, sana ako rin!

  100. PInag-isipan tlga to…Nice post Jhiegzh.. GOd Bless dito…

  101. semidoppel says:

    Great compilation! This kid of article is worth reading…educational, entertaining, an eye-opener and does make sense… what more do you ask for? Nice job Jhiegz

    Lubos na gumagalang,


  102. Wow love your top10 picks! So far the strongest for me is no.1 – debatable tlga 🙂

  103. Hope I made it before time runs ourt! God Bless lil bro…. Job well done… For 7 days, having these stats is already an attainment..Good Job!…

  104. Ane says:

    Good luck to us who joined the contest! 🙂

  105. Ako lang ata di affected sa pagkamatay ni Steve Jobs kasi never ko nagamit ang mga inbento niyang gadgets LOL! Its a good thing napapansin din  ng media yung mga pinaguusapan sa social networking sites kasi nareunite si lola sa husband niya dahil sa GMA 7 


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