Most Useful China SEO Tips & Online Marketing Resources

Most Useful China SEO Tips & Online Marketing Resources

Competition in the world of Search Engine Optimization is becoming stern with the rapid growth of new SEO Company adding to the challenge in the market. It’s a good thing that the evolution of the internet did a great ease in promoting business that could target not just for the local area but also internationally. As the going gets tough in the line of online advertising rivalry, business owners still strive to do more hard work just to get on the top the hierarchy. Venturing to unexplored ocean and the constant search for new knowledge and improved ways to generate huge traffic and convert it to sales and survived the battle.

Now, one question – how did dot com entrepreneurs, Forbes top 100 Billionaires and Fortune top 500 companies are able to make millions of dollars in their annual revenue?

There, now I’ve got your attention.

Believe it or not, it’s not some hidden formula to get on top. As I’ve said, it’s venturing into a more unexplored world – let me say the not-so-hidden arena, Asia and China.

Let’s start first with Chinese market. I know it’s really hard to infiltrate their market but in the online side – I can share with you these top 10 lists of helpful and must-see chinese seo online resources that will make you big time in terms of China SEO and online marketing in Chinese way.

1 – Top Chinese Search Engines

Google HK
Bing China
Zhong Sou
Sina Search
Yahoo China
Yahoo TW

2 – Submit URL to Chinese Search Engine Submission

Google HongKong Submit
Baidu Submit
So-So Submit
Youdao Report
Sogou Feedback
Bing China Submit
Zhong Sou Register

3 – Get to know Official sites

Baidu Beat
Google Webmaster Support in China
Google Blog Hongkong
The Baidu Guide
Google Webmasters
Baidu SEM
Baidu Pay per Click Support

4 – Try Research in Chinese Keyword Research Tools

Baidu Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tool
See Baidu Index

5 – Chinese Question and Answer (Q&A) websites

Baidu Zhidao
Sina Ask
Tianya Q&A
So-So Ask

6 – Visit Popular Microblogs in China

Sina Weibo
Tencent Weibo
Sohu Weibo
163 Weibo
139 Talker

7 – Track your Traffic using Analysis Tools for China Markets

Google Analytics CN
Baidu Analysis
51 YES
Line Zing

8 – Upload your video to Chinese Video Sites


9 – Venture on Social Sharing by Chinese Pinboard (Similar to Pinterest)

Wei Tu

10 – Chinese Social Media Sites

Hi Baidu

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  1. Ernie Diaz says:

    Good stuff. Now who the hell are you?

  2. jrplaza says:

    Hey Ernie, who the hell am I? LOL, yup I might be in hell right now since I’m struggling to do SEO Strategies in China. And I know it’s really hard but the main key is to have a great team from china who understands the culture and markets. 🙂 See yeah

  3. Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin says:

    I won’t wonder if you get to the TOP one day! Great research!

  4. This is quite new to me… discussing about SEO in China. Well, I guess this may have significance to a lot of bloggers like you.

  5. A lot of bloggers will be interested in this especially those who wanted to penetrate a wide audience like the Chinese. Great share =)

  6. Teresa Martinez says:

    You have an interesting topic here which is not often taken up by other writers.

  7. Mai_Flores says:

    SEO writers and even bloggers will really find this post of yours very valuable, especially since China is said to be hard to really infiltrate.

  8. I’ve got decent views with Google HK. Thanks to my Chinese friends at Stumble Upon.

  9. China is indeed a big market to penetrate and understanding their key sites and patterns will really help a lot.

  10. Che says:

    Very informative to those who want their sites be reached by the Chinese audience.

  11. Rachel Paras says:

    internet has really great benefits when it comes to communicating and networking, China has stepped into a great stepping stone

  12. Oh-la-la! What an informative post! Me likey! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jason Cruz says:

    The mainland China digital market could potentially be huge for the whole world, but looking at this list and the current mindset of the Chinese government, it looks like they’re going to be keeping within themselves for the next few years. It’s going to be tough to penetrate a market which has its own language, own systems, and own world-view on what digital connection is.


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