Most Visited Places in the Philippines

Most Visited Places in the Philippines

Philippines is one blessed country as it has many beautiful tourist attractions, historical richness and prosperous bounty of nature’s produce. Its location gives it a greater advantage for many people as this gives only two types of weather which is rainy and sunny climates. Philippines consist of more than 7,100 islands thus making it a good island hopping country to stopover. Visiting Philippines is a great experience as you can see the wonders of its beauty and the hospitality of the people living in it.

As I have said, there are many beautiful places and must-see places in the Philippines and going in these places can be quite memorable and also fun. Such places may consist of different landmarks and beautiful terrains or even historical markers dating way back from the invasion of Spaniards, Japanese attacks and many more.

Although there are still many beautiful places to set out in the Philippines, these are the top 10 lists of places that I consider a must-see:

1 – Boracay

This place is well-known for its long white, sandy beaches and great nightlife parties. This is a great tourist destination located in the Visayan region and is a must-place to visit for local and foreigner visitors. Trendy bars, discos and water sports are one of the activities in this place.

2 – Mount Pinatubo

This volcano has been famous in the year 1990s as it has once caused great problems not only in the Philippines but also for many parts of the world during its greatest eruptions.

3 – Intramuros

A city found in Manila famous for its walled area and had been a historical landmark for Spanish settlements. This city has historical museums and ruins that are preserved for tourists to see.

4 – Camp John Hay


This is a place in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. This area is a nice place to visit since it contains historical backgrounds dating back from American settlements. They also have a place for recreation such as golfing, horseback riding and camping.

5 – Mount Apo

If you want to enjoy mountain trekking then Mount Apo can be a good place. This awe-inspiring volcano can be found in Davao and in this place, you can also find the famous Philippine Eagle which is the biggest in the world.

6 – Palawan

It is a famous tourist spot as it contains many beautiful beaches, rich forest and caves that can be a good place to visit. There are many activities in this place such as snorkeling, paddling and many others.

7 – Dapitan

It is located in the Zamboanga province and is famous for the place where Rizal, the Philippine national hero was exiled. They also have white beach named Dakak.

8 – Surigao

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When you are in for great waves to surf then Siargao is the good place to be. This island is in Surigao and is the surfing sanctuary for many surf lovers.

9 – Cebu

A tourist place identified to have the historical landmark where Magellan, a Spanish adventurer was defeated by Lapu-lapu thus the existence of the Magellan’s Cross. There are also many night life activities going on in this place.

Here’s 10 list of most visited places in the Philippines.

10 – Camiguin

This small island in Mindanao is known for their Lanzones fruits, underground cemetery, white sand beaches and great island sceneries.

These great places are a must-see places when you are visiting Philippines and they can good places to spend your holidays with families and friends.

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  1. Go go go go 🙂

    hehehehe..sana may magawi rito at mg comment … LOL

  2. Zen says:

    I love them all.. 🙂 Philippines is just wonderful.. ♥

  3. joysflair says:

    all of the above are beautiful places to visit, so why go far, the Philippines has a lot of beautiful places to go to 🙂

  4. shea Allgood says:

    Indeed… The Philippines got it all.. 🙂

  5. shyrgil asuncion says:

    I’ve been to dapitan and it was a paradise for me… fresh air… !!! wish ko lng makapunta sa mga places na ito.. superb for vacation…

  6. shea Allgood says:

     Tama.. magaganda talaga sila for vacations 🙂

  7. shea Allgood says:

     Couldn’t agree more joysflair

  8. Gebelyn Dajang says:

    Really wonderful .. I’m so proud of my country…

  9. And Dapitan is the only place I’ve gone in the list. Wow, I would look forward to visit these places. 

  10. Tristan says:

    Luckily, I’ve been to Boracay last August 2011! And  Yes, it was a fantastic destination if you want to unwind from the busy city life. I hope I can visit more places soon!

  11. bennix says:

    Cebu is the only place I have visit in the it…:)

  12. Edmaration says:

    Ang ganda ng Pinas. SAna may VIGAn din sa list. heheehe..

  13. Ritche says:

    Good list but Cam Sur is now giving Cebu a serious run for its money.

  14. anna cook says:

    Camsur is nice too.. been there twice

  15. anna cook says:

    Cebu is a beauiful place

  16. Zen says:

    I have been to three of these places. Intramuros, Camp John Hay and PALAWAN! ^_^

  17. great post! Want to visit the other sites which I’ve missed before

  18. good for you Zen 😀

  19. Ace Mamon says:

    Philippines is indeed a beautiful place to visit… 

  20. This is a beautiful country!  I love seeing the places where I could visit if I manage to get there someday!  Great list!

  21. Well so far Cebu pa lang ang nasa list na napuntahan ko. I am proud I am one of the dancers of Tribu Pintaflores who won 4th place in FI Category last Sinulog 2007. 🙂 I so love Cebu…Sana mkapunta or mkapasyal me dyan this Jan.2012 😀

    On the other hand, Boracay is the venue of our company’s team building next year. sana nga’t matuloy because I so love Boracay, pictures pa lang, very enticing na!

  22. angelo rean says:

    i like mount pinatubo

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