Awesome Fan Tribute to Robin Williams Goes Viral

Awesome Fan Tribute to Robin Williams Goes Viral

Robin Williams was a favorite among movie fans, especially because of his many incredible characters that touched the hearts of millions of viewers across the world.

So, when he passed away, it felt like the world has lost another great man who could have made a huge difference to the lives of many people – even with just his movie characters as inspiration to anyone who is feeling down or simply needing a boost.

Filmmaker and actor/model Jamie Costa was among the people whose lives were touched by Robin Williams.

He refers to Williams as “the man whose spark ignited my passion”.

In loving tribute to the man he sees as an inspiration, Costa created this awesome video which quickly goes viral mere moments after he posted it across various social media.

This is hands down, the best Robin Williams impression we've ever seen. Absolutely amazing!

Credit Jamie Costa

Posted by helloU on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

People are raving about the tribute, saying Costa was the perfect guy to play Robin Williams if ever Hollywood would ever make a movie about his life.

In the video, Costa created 20 different impersonations of Williams based on the characters the latter played in his popular movies.

Costa does look like a younger version of Williams, was able to re-create the scenes with clarity, and sounded just like the actor that viewers soon debated whether he was simply lip synching to old audio clips from the late comedian’s movies.

Using a few recognizable props from Williams’ movies and mimicking his facial expressions, Costa truly delivered the tribute perfectly.

The imitation characters looked a whole lot like Williams in those various roles he played!

If you’ve seen Williams’ movies, then you can clearly understand the portrayal and guess the character Costa is trying to project.

For example, there’s the weird professor from Flubber and, of course, the lovely Mrs. Doubtfire.

He also included films likeThe Fisher King,The Birdcage, and Good Morning, Vietnam in his montage of impersonations.
We find it incredible how Costa was able to create such an impressive impersonation of Williams!

Perhaps it was his natural talent as an actor. But we can safely say this is definitely one of the best impersonations of Robin Williams. Ever!

Watch this video. You’ll surely be impressed with Costa’s act:

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