Allegedly “Racist” Soap Dispenser viral video gain mixed reaction online

Allegedly “Racist” Soap Dispenser viral video gain mixed reaction online

Many individuals around the world are very touchy on the particular subject – Racism.

So what exactly is racism?

According to Global Issues, Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others.

Both Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.

Now a 26-seconds amateur clip in Marriott Marquis, Atlanta was upload on Youtube by Teej Meister where in a guy filmed an allegedly “racist“ soap dispenser was featured and went viral with more than 1.6 Million views as of this posting.

In the video, a man swipe his “dark” hand on the soap dispenser but the device didn’t work as it supposed to be.

You might think the device needs a fix but then…

The funny part was when another man swipe his “white” hand, the soap dispenser works.

There has been a debate over the “Whites Only?” video either if the device was intentionally tweak to work as it is or the other way.

The uploader also post another proof video of the “Racist” soap dispenser:


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