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Dearborn police officer shooting 3-points tweet goes viral

Dearborn police officer shooting 3-points tweet goes viral

Amidst the recent controversial events involving cops shooting people in United States, sometimes a different angle must be focus on the spotlight – literally a lighter version.

A single tweet that was posted last Monday has taken Twitter users frenzy.

In the tweet shared by CopsUncut, was an amateur clip showing a white Dearborn police officer playing basketball and caught sinking a three-pointer went viral, garnering 12,782 Retweets and 11,269 Favorites.

The 10-second viral video shows the officer sinking a spot on three-points at the board and then followed by him giving a high five to his teen team mates.

The inspiring tweet read as follows: “Another white cop shooting on young unarmed black teens.”

(via CopsUncut)

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