Drone filmed a man above a shocking 200 feet giant wind turbine

Drone filmed a man above a shocking 200 feet giant wind turbine

Most of us in every day come to face our little stressors. We might have fought traffic getting into work, come in to find a huge stack of work waiting for you, or maybe you’re caught up preparing for a major meeting.

So we should have some time to get away from stressful days and try some good time in summer.

But what if the beaches are too crowded to spend some cool time? Well, I won’t advice to follow the footstep of this guy…

This week’s shocking viral clip featured on Youtube was an amateur footage where in a drone pilot caught a guy getting some private sunbathing on top of a massive 200 feet wind turbine.

(Video credits: Mirror)

One sunny day in Rhode Island, Kevin Miller (reportedly from San Diego, California) was just flying his drone all the way up the 200 feet giant turbine when his drone camera caught a man flat on his back catching some rays.

Woken from his nap by the noise of Miller’s drone, the mystery man sits up, gives a wave, and looks rather nonplussed as the drone moves in further for a good look.

The now-viral video has been viewed more than a million times as of this posting.

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