10 of the Remarkably Best College Degree You Must Take

10 of the Remarkably Best College Degree You Must Take

It’s another school year, high school 2012 graduates have you decided which degree your going to take?

I can still remember the time when I was on my senior year, I was so stressed with the final exams, graduation rites, college admission exam and the most stressful of all is choosing the career I would take after high school graduation.

During my time, nursing is the most booming in terms of college degree. Wherever you go, anywhere you are you’ll definitely see someone wearing a nursing uniform from their respective universities.

But I can’t be a nurse, anything related to medicine, that’s one thing I’m definitely sure. I’m scared of blood, scared of injections and all medical related things that most people in this field experience.

It was so hard at that time, almost all my batch mates knows what they want and I feel like I’m the only one being left out. My dad’s on the engineering field, but I hate math. Nevertheless, I need to choose because most universities I want to attend to needs to know which course one would take so that they can prepare the corresponding exam.

In the end I choose Engineering, passed the exam and enroll. It took me two and a half years before I finally realize that I don’t have any interest in creating microchips, that each day is getting more boring, that attending school is just an obligation I should take, that I’m wasting my time, that I’ve wasted more than two years.

I dropped Engineering, changed school, shifted to Information Technology because I still don’t know what I want and IT seems to be promising. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree and am now a part of an established IT company, but still there is a hole in my heart, there are regrets, I should have finished engineering instead and I’m still chasing for something I don’t know what.

Given that story most of you are probably thinking I’m someone old, but I’m not, I’m actually on my early twenties. But I want you to avoid this feeling. I don’t want any of you to experience or think something is wrong, or missing. That’s the main reason why I’m sharing you this list. Consequently, this list will cover degrees that we need at present and a must have for the future as they are getting low enrollees when the fact is, they are the ones we need the most.

    1 – Education

    Either you major in Elementary, Secondary or in a major subject. Teachers are the most needed and most fulfilling job, especially if you love teaching, shaping the future presidents, well known personalities etc of the world.

    2 – Information Technology / Computer Science

    IT and CS are two different degrees in the same field. IT is more of concentrating on the business and communication aspects and applications of computing, while CS is the study of the scientific aspects of computing.

    “Computer science refers to the processes used to create usable computer programs and applications together with all theory behind those processes. Information technology on the other hand refers to the application of computer programs to solve business processes. It is the application of technology in business. Information technology is very vast in terms of scale because it is applied virtually to any type of process that may require automation, from business, scientific research to the music industry, telecoms and banking.”

    Generally, these courses would take four to five degrees. Moreover, although we can say that there are so many students taking this degree, only few are becoming a part of this industry. The field of information technology/computer science still needs lots more of Programmers, Software Developers and Engineers, Database Manager, System Analysts, Internet Marketing Experts, Web Designers and many other jobs that surface throughout the years and I bet many more new specialization in the coming years.

    3 – Agriculture

    Covers the study that focus on managing agricultural business such as farming, animal raising, in fact all soil, plant and animal management.

    This is a four year undergraduate degree for a major one such as animal science, agricultural engineering, plant protection and soil science. Possible majoring courses include Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Agricultural Systems Management, Agribusiness or Soil and Crop Management.

    4 – Fisheries and Aquatic Science

    This field is different from marine biology since this is the study on how you can understand and manage freshwater fish populations. This field also covers the scientific study of the husbandry and production of non-domesticated fish and shellfish populations for recreational and commercial purposes.

    Moreover, this degree also performs the management of fishing and marine/aquatic product processing ensuring an adequate conservation and efficient utilization.

    5 – Marine Biology

    The study of the life in the oceans, salt water, actually it’s not just life on the sea or the oceans but the life where the sea can still reach such as shorelines, the living things down the rocks etc.

    Since Earth is consisted of 70% of waters, and we have a very diverse marine life with too little enrollees and a very huge field to study, we lack marine biologists thus we can’t take what the sea or oceans can offer or rather we can’t make use of the sea more properly to not hurt the mother nature.

    If you are interested, first you need to finish a four year course preferably BS Biology in a university where a graduate level in Marine Biology is offered.

    6 – Radiologic Science

    They are the one’s who’s responsible for creating images of the body’s internal structure.

    These images are also a vital instrument that helps medical doctors to study injuries or administer therapeutic treatments.

    Through these images, you’ll see your broken bones, internal organs, even the tissues.

    Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry world wide that the demand for skilled radiologic professionals is among the highest in the field. What’s more nice about this field is that it only takes a year or two to be able to enter this field.

    Consequently this job doesn’t require the same stress and dedication that other people in the medical field experience.

    Not to mention a high paying job.

    7 – Aerospace Engineering

    Another field in engineering that deals with the design and construction of aircrafts and space crafts.

    Aerospace Engineer’s also study the science behind the forces and physical properties of this aircraft as well as their aerodynamic characteristics and behaviors.

    Aerospace Engineering is divided into two fields aeronautical which usually deal with aircrafts such as airplanes and helicopters while the field of astronautical engineering deals with spacecrafts that are sent outside earth premises to gather data in different planets and galaxies.

    8 – Medical Doctors

    They are the one’s looking after our health, treating, making diagnosis for common illnesses up to complex, chronic conditions. Doctors are the one’s who saves lives. And all countries need doctors in fact in a 2008 survey we need 661,400 doctors.

    Pediatricians, surgeons, psychiatrists’, general practitioners, doctors dealing with internal medicine and all 60 other types of medical doctors.

    It will take eight more or less years to become a full pledge Doctor.

    First you need to take a pre-med course which is generally a four year medical related college degree, biology in general. Next is to take and passed the Medical Admission Test, after that another four years in the medical school, then residency period of one or two years.

    9 – Petroleum Engineering

    Deals with the production of hydrocarbons (natural gas or crude oil) from oil shale, tar sands, and offshore oil and gas fields in an environment friendly approach.

    Performs an evaluation to potential oil and gas reservoirs, develop and implement the latest technologies in recovering hydrocarbons, design surface collection and oversee different drilling activities to recover oil left in the ground after application of conventional producing techniques.

    To be a petroleum engineer one needs to gain knowledge from basic to modern mathematics, physics, and geology, chemistry and engineering disciplines, in short a Bachelors Degree in this field plus computer knowledge since they uses super computers.

    10 – Taxation

    One year degree in the study of in depth knowledge of the taxation system that your country administers. Generally a degree in law already covers this part but a degree in Taxation is a much more definite approach focusing only on the said field.

    This field is focused to the study of government policies, regulatory compliance, research and presentation for their clients as well as auditing.

    Multinational companies, different organizations or even a single individual needs someone who can give advice and handle their tax issues, and there are many of the said companies and organization in different part of the world who needs a taxation professional.

    To be able to enter this field one should have finished a preparation course such as accounting, microeconomics, management, finance and other related degrees.

    This list may be a little bit too uncommon except for Education, perhaps some of you haven’t heard about it, and that’s the point. Introducing you to certain degrees in which enrollees are too little but available jobs in well established corporations, multinational companies and the likes are so many you can be a part of one or two firm catering the same field at the same time. Moreover these collegiate degrees can help all of us for a much better future.

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