University Student Goes Viral for Wearing Shorts in -8C Snow Storm

University Student Goes Viral for Wearing Shorts in -8C Snow Storm

While everyone else is bundled up in the -8C snow storm or simply staying at home to keep warm and out of blistering cold, one guy in Wisconsin seems to think it was just another summer day!

The unnamed fella became the subject of a tweet by no less than his school, the University of Wisconsin-Madison that urged its students to bundle up.

The tweet read:

Only in Wisconsin…

Pro tip: *Please* bundle up, #Badgers. 🧤🧣

Photo credit: @UWMadison / Twitter

The tweet came with a photo of the student who was not named but his face could easily be recognized by anyone who knows him.

Instead of wearing winter coats like the ladies behind him were obviously using, this ‘summer guy’ was sporting a buttoned up checkered shirt, a pair of navy blue shorts, and rubber shoes. Had it not for the bundled up ladies behind him and the obviously still-falling snow in the photo, you might think this guy was just strolling at some random beach – until you realize the ‘sand’ on the ‘beach’ was actually snow.

While a lot of people admonished the guy for not thinking about his health and actually putting himself in grave danger, many people revealed that the sight wasn’t as rare as the internet thinks.

The tweet had read “Only in Wisconsin” but one netizen replied, “And Minnesota. As a substitute teacher in high school and middle school I am always shocked by the number of kids wearing shorts in the middle of winter.

A number of people made jokes about the student’s getup.

(Dave Attenborough voice) And here we have an example of the Wisconsin male; attempting to woo a mate by showing off his calves and his endurance in the harsh, Wisconsin winter,” one person wrote.

But someone commented that she hopes the guy’s mom isn’t on Twitter to see his foolishness but user @LSmaagaard replied to that tweet, “Hi Kari, she is.

Photo credit: @UWMadison / @LSmaagaard Twitter

It turned out that even before she replied to user Kari’s commetn, she had already replied to the original tweet, “Please put on a coat, hat, mittens, pants. Love, your Mother.” Oooops.

Photo credit: @UWMadison / @LSmaagaard Twitter

The university (and the guy’s mom) had made light of the situation but UW Communications Director Meredith McGlone explained that the tweet held a serious message they hope to convey to students.

We try to have a sense of humor and distinctive voice on social media, but we have an underlying message of be safe, bundle up, just like your mom would tell you,” she said.

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