Food-chain Crew Caught on Cam Wiping Burger Bun on the Floor

Food-chain Crew Caught on Cam Wiping Burger Bun on the Floor

An alarming video uploaded on YouTube showing a Checkers fast food crew dropping (or wiping?) a burger bun on the floor then proceeds to serving earns rage from online community.

The said video that gained more than 100,000 hits on Youtube does not show anyone eating the mess food.

It was taken several weeks ago at a Checkers branch in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.

The regulars of the said chain have posted the links of the video in the food-chain’s Facebook page and on Wednesday, a day after the video was posted to YouTube, Checkers released an official statement video addressing the upsetting video, reported by USA Today.

Lori Malcolm, the Checkers senior vice president of human resources, said she was “appalled and disappointed” by the video.

Malcolm said she spoke with the employee and her mother following the incident, and was assured that the tainted sandwich was “never served to a guest.”

On the video Malcolm noted that “while the employee is very apologetic, these actions are completely unacceptable and do not reflect our values or commitment to food quality.”

She said Checkers has more than “18,000 hard-working team members” and the incident does not reflect typical food preparation behavior.

According to Malcolm, the employees who were a part of the video are no longer working for the company.

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