Massive Crocodile spotted off the shallow waters of a Family-friendly Australian Beach

Massive Crocodile spotted off the shallow waters of a Family-friendly Australian Beach

Kewarra Beach is known to be a family-friendly spot along the coast of Cairns, Australia but this status has been greatly modified by a viral video recently shared by some beach-goers who were able to film a huge saltwater crocodile swimming in its shallow waters!

In the short clip, the marine crocodile could be seen swimming towards the shore but if it had plans to bask on the beach to wait for some food, this was not known because seconds later, it scrambled away from the shore towards the sea.

Perhaps it was disturbed by the guys filming its movement at the beach or because it just wanted to steer clear from trouble.

Whatever the reason, the massive crocodile decided the shallowest part of Kewarra Beach was not a good spot to hang out for a while and play “log” while waiting for food.

As quickly as it could, the crocodile, dubbed by netizens as Snapper Jr., swam away.

It was not immediately clear in the video how far the creature swam away or where it was headed but the clip was enough to warn the locals and tourists not to visit the beach for a while.

Who knows how long that creature would be staying close to that spot, anyway?

A lot of people expressed shock over the crocodile’s presence in the family-friendly beach but many also made a joke out of the situation or pointed out that there are lots of other things far more dangerous than that lone crocodile, such as dying of hypothermia by swimming in the frigid waters of the beach at this time of the year…

(Source via Cairns Post)

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