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Heartbreaking Goodbye: Little Boy Bids Farewell to his Pet Goldfish

Heartbreaking Goodbye: Little Boy Bids Farewell to his Pet Goldfish

For most people, Goodbyes are not an easy thing.

It triggers emotions and almost everybody hates it; A nightmare for me really especially in saying goodbye to a pet friend.

I’m not a showy person I guess.

The irony is I’m a sucker for melancholy, dramatics and the works.

And such I feel for the little guy, Kowen from Alberta, who was emotional in bidding goodbye to his gold fish in the video – goes went viral.

The video was originally posted by the boy’s Mom Spirit River on her facebook and youtube channel the past month wherein her son bids goodbye to his beloved departed goldfish. cant believe kowens video made breakfast television this morning

Posted by Brooke Geherman on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In the video, Kowen gave few kisses as he bid goodbye to his goldfish named “Top” before burying his friend in a toilet flush.

The heartbreaking scene really is towards the end of the video when the fish has been flashed and gone and the tearful little boy hugs his Mom.

Oh, how I can relate to this boy.

I also had a pet once, a loyal, dutiful, obedient, and beautiful dog.

We had her for years, from my kindergarten to my elementary years and as old age made her weak and eventually death took her from us it was a sad and emotional day for me and my mother as well.

To this day I could still feel the sadness and loss when we buried her at our backyard.

Since then I haven’t been able to get a new pet and my wonderful dog cannot be replaced in my heart.

And for sure a lot of pet lovers out there can relate to this scenario.

So guys, let us always remember to love and care our pet.

They may not always be with us but their memory and loyalty would always remain.

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