Watch: Nicole & Kyle Kuchenbecker’s Amazing Wedding Dance to MKTO’s ‘Classic’

Watch: Nicole & Kyle Kuchenbecker’s Amazing Wedding Dance to MKTO’s ‘Classic’

A wedding is one of the most important milestones in a human life.

It’s a rare experience shared not only between lovers who agreed to move to the next step but also to their family and friends.

It marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment between two individuals willing to celebrate life and all its possibilities.
In fact every other person in the world has their own versions of a dream wedding.

An event most women look forward to. It is an occasion where ladies meticulously and painstakingly plan, from food, venue, flowers, to table settings and let’s not forget the very important stuff such as the wedding cake and the wedding dress and of course the wedding budget.

Aside from material preparations, there are also a lot of those who plan for unusual aspects in the wedding like the wedding march, speeches and the wedding dances.

Nowadays wedding spectacles are flooding the internet. There are outrageous wedding march, heartwarming speeches and hilarious dance.

Take the wedding dance of Nicole and Kyle Kuchenbecker, who surprises their guests when they busted out some moves to MKTO’s “Classic”.

The routine was choreographed by the bride and Kailey Purpur of DeForest Dance Academy in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Nicole the bride, who had been dancing since 3, had always dreamt to have a choreographed dance on her wedding and did just that on her day last March 21 in Palatine, Illinois.

Kyle the groom, who has been avoiding the dance floor at any given time, did the unexpected for the love to his wife surprising their guests when he and his new wife start to dance not knowing he can have as much fun.

The best part of the performance though is when the father of the bride jumps into the dance and the crowd goes wild.

“When I was on the proms team in high school, we always had a father-daughter dance, so my dad is used to dancing with me,” the bride told HuffPost.

That’ll be a fun memory to tell grandkids in the future. What an experience.

How I hope I could have that grace on stage and can dance with my father in my wedding.

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