Watch: Mysterious “Levitating” Cars at Busy Intersection in China

Watch: Mysterious “Levitating” Cars at Busy Intersection in China

A video taken at a busy intersection in the city of Xingtai, central China has gone viral because of bizarre circumstances that made three vehicles appear to levitate all of a sudden even while the rest of the vehicles and the people in the video did not look affected at all.

In this video, nothing appears to be amiss at first. There were several vehicles on the streets leading to the intersection, with pedestrians waiting to cross the streets once the traffic lights change.

Then, all of a sudden, a van’s rear end appears to levitate while its front section remained on the ground.

The vehicle adjacent to the van soon followed suit, with its front section moving up but the back remained rooted on the ground.

While the first vehicle “levitated” even higher and eventually fell on its side, the second vehicle also moved in the same direction and the two hit each other.

Meanwhile, at the right side of the video frame, the back of another car also appeared to levitate for a moment but this was not as incredible as what happened to the two vehicles that crashed on each other at the left side of the frame.

The mysterious video went viral because no one could seem to provide the best explanation why this bizarre event happened.

Netizens put forth various explanations, including unbelievable theories like the levitation was the work of aliens who made a temporary force field over the cards.

Some netizens also said this supposed CCTV video was simply faked because it was made in China and could have been tweaked to make the vehicles appear real.

Well, the vehicles did appear real and the video, too. So, what could have possibly made those cars move in bizarre fashion?

Thankfully, the mystery was solved by the Chinese authorities who handled the incident.

According to reports from Chinese media, there really was not much mystery in what happened with the cars.

Mysterious Levitating Cars at Busy Intersection in China 2

It turns out that the large vehicle on the right side, next to the affected car, is a street sweeper.

A fallen steel cable was caught up in the street sweeper’s brush.

Mysterious Levitating Cars at Busy Intersection in China 3

As the street sweeper pulled the line, the vehicles who were on top of the line got pulled up, making them appear to levitate without any explanation.

Mysterious Levitating Cars at Busy Intersection in China

Because of the grainy quality of the CCTV video, the steel line was not clear to see.

So, there you have it. Mystery solved.

(via Daily Mail UK)


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