Best Ways to Prepare for College Exams

Best Ways to Prepare for College Exams

Midterms and finals are one of the most stressful things that a college student has to deal with and although brilliant student get through exams easily but student with less brilliant mind require a lot of effort and sincerity to pass all subjects.

All students went through stress at exams time, so here guides on how do you prepare for the testing without getting stressed to the point of not functioning?

Here our best top ten lists for college students to prepare for an exam.

10 – Relax

Before the test, and during it for that matter, take some deep breaths, let your confidence rise (you have studied hard and you are prepared) and make sure you don’t let stress ruin your chances of acing the test.

9 – Supplemental Instruction

Some courses may offer additional time in class which can be more intimate for the students that stay around. There will be more back and forth with your instructor allowing you to more openly ask questions and get answers on the spot. Find out if that is offered for your class and take full advantage. If you are really struggling, you may be able to set up a specific time to meet with your instructor for a one on one discussion about some materials.

8 – Practice Essays

Make sure you comprehend the material as much as possible. As someone in your study group to make up an essay question and make sure you are able to write it out. If not, create some note cards and keep writing out the information to ensure you have it down.

7 – Schedule Your Time

Figure out how much time you have before the test and how much material needs to be studied. Create a schedule, similar to one you would have at work, and make sure you follow it to cover all of your material without getting to that dreaded cramming session.

6 – Keep all Materials Together

Nothing will set you back as much as being disorganized. Set up a specific area for studying and make sure everything you need is there. Textbooks, notepads, pens, supplementary books and other materials should all be kept together at all times.

5 – Use Campus Resources

You should have a Student Learning Center on campus. This is a great place to get some free tutoring to help you overcome some of the more difficult subject matter. Take full advantage of this as early as possible.

4 – Study Group

Study groups are one of the best ways to ensure your materials are being learned and not memorized. Quiz those in your study group to see how much they know, and have them do the same to you. Focus on what you miss.

3 – Chop it Up

You’ll want to ensure each chapter, note and other study materials are handled in smaller bits than as one full study session. For example, when studying a chapter, just study one section at a time, then take a break. Notes can be handled the same way. Study one page, check it off the list, move to the next.

2 – Plan Your Studies Ahead

Don’t cram for your test. Instead, plan to study a small chunk of your material each day leading up to the testing day. The best way to retain information is to read a small amount before you sleep, then read the same section again while you are waking up. This helps you to actual learn the material instead of memorize it. Once you have covered everything, go back for a quick review just before testing.

1 – Body and Mind Preparation

You can spend hundreds of hours studying, but if your body and mind are prepared for the test taking you are more likely to fail. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible the night before your test and ensure that what you eat will do your body good. Try to avoid alcohol, nicotine and junk for as long as possible before the test to ensure your energy levels are high and your discomfort is low.

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