10 of the Most Hilarious Examination Answers

10 of the Most Hilarious Examination Answers

We have had a lot of very serious lists on the site lately so I am posting 10 Hilarious Exam answers list. I kept on laughing while creating this top 10 list.

It’s just so hilarious for someone to do answer such as these. I’m just thinking for whether these are authentic answers to the exam, but regardless, they are super funny. I might try one. LOL 🙂 Happy reading…

10 – Math Expansion

9 – The Naughty duck

8 – Geography and Math

7 – Anatomy is Art

6 – Blame it to Religion

That should work on a Catholic school.

5 – Female Hormones or not?

4 – How cool it would be if your mom were a pole dancer?

3 – Literal Translation

2 – Woman = Problems

1 – Elephant all the way!

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