10 of the Top Emerging Social Marketing Software This Year

10 of the Top Emerging Social Marketing Software This Year

Are you spending too much time administering your content across all your accounts in online networking site, when in reality there’s a lot of social marketing software that could help you avoid the clutter?

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” – Pierre Omidyar, founder, eBay

This “collective” article will give way to a brief background about the top ten lists of social marketing software that emerged this year. (We aim to see them as helpful tools)

  • 10 – Janrain

    Users can navigate across multiple web properties and partner sites with just single log-in. with this feature, Janrain makes it easy for users to connect a site with their social networks.

  • 9 – Sendible

    It supports 30+ networks. It manage account profiles, messages, social contacts, content discovery, engagement, blog content and promotion, monitoring and analytics, and it has its white label version specifically made for agencies.

  • 8 – Sprinklr

    Sprinklr is a consulting service for consumer and B2B marketers. It offers clients a complete suite of social management tools to help them post in social networks, analytics and measuring engagement.

  • 7 – KickApps

    An advanced social content management system that supports video, social networking, social graph and activity streams, apps and analytics. KickApps allows marketers to develop branded communities, social applications and interactive widgets for their websites and other online communities.

  • 6 – SocialMotus

    In SocialMotus, users can effectively manage, build and measure social communities. It has tracking campaigns for you to know how Twitter and Facebook have helped achieved your marketing objectives.

  • 5 – Thismoment

    Thismoment allows users to manage their online presence on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It also enables users to build relationship with their social communities.

  • It offers a full marketing suite that helps marketer to promote products and services. It includes feed-enabled social gestures and widgets, social dashboard, segmentation tool, influencer identification, conversion tracking and built-in friend casting.

  • 3 – Postling

    In Postling, users can manage their accounts, create content and even reach out to new target audiences. This software was basically created for local businesses, and has free version for small businesses and personal use.

  • 2 – Media Funnel

    Another social marketing software is Media Funnel that is capable of supporting multiple team members who need to manage Facebook and Twitter. This software ensures that only appropriate messages are sent out, plus it monitors important keywords and integrates with Salesforce.com.

  • 1 – Hootsuite

    Hootsuite keeps multiple accounts manageable by placing them into one dashboard. The good thing about Hootsuite is that you can post messages and automatically publish or schedule them. Hootsuite is very user-friendly, and its best used in monitoring Twitter activities, such as mentions, tweets and retweets.

You may be using social media for personal aim, or could be for business purposes, either way, using it for good and right reason is always a big plus on your career. So, if you’re responsible in using social media, I bet you’re also responsible in using these social marketing tools.

Jeff Foster is the internet marketing manager of WebBizIdeas. His main focus is building and marketing quality content. Over the past 8 years he worked with clients to develop marketing strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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