This Video of Mom Struggling to Put Toddler and Triplets to Bed Goes Viral

This Video of Mom Struggling to Put Toddler and Triplets to Bed Goes Viral

While it normally takes both Mommy Corrie and Daddy Dan Gibson of Cambridge, Ontario in Canada to dress up all the kids and put them to bed every night, the couple thought it would be fun to do a challenge by letting mom do everything while being filmed.

The resulting video was quite hilarious – and soon went viral on social media!

In this video the couple shared on their page, The Baby Gang (), Corrie struggles to keep all four kids on the bed while trying to dress them up one by one.

Even as the one she’s trying to dress stays put for a while, the others would all be trying to move away and off the bed as fast as they could.

Considering that the four move quite quickly (made even faster by the speed of the time-lapse video), it really was a huge challenge for Corrie to get the job done!

It does look like she’s having lots of fun chasing the kids around and getting them dressed but netizens could not help but wonder how difficult that feat must be, especially when the couple has to do it every single day/night.

Of course, the two help each other out yet even with two parents getting the kids dressed, they surely look like a very active bunch of kids and would surely be quite a handful!

…and you could just imagine how long it would take to get them to sleep for even if one or two might already be drowsy and begin settling down, the others could still be very active and reactivate the sleepy ones! Uh oh…

The couple revealed that it took Corrie about 6 minutes to finish the challenging task (though it was only about 2 minutes long in the sped up time-lapse video).

It would be Daddy Dan’s turn to do the challenge next. Can he beat Mommy Corrie’s record? Let’s wait and see. For now, watch Mommy Corrie ace the challenge in this video:

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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