Best Ways on How to be a Rockstar

Best Ways on How to be a Rockstar

While young we always love watching celebrities and then we saw them on MTV and dreamed to become one of them. The life they have is like royalty, they have the best job in the world but still getting paid big for doing it, they have money, fame, fortune, women/men, cars, mansions and everything that makes life luxurious. Then we have that dream, a dream that one day will be one of those who rocked the stage and make women scream and call my name, sign signatures and collect undies, but you didn’t know how. So, here are my top 10 lists of tips on how to become a Rockstar.

  • 1 – Learn an Instrument.

    All Rockstars should play an Instrument, whether it is a guitar, a piano or drums, you gotta look cool and don’t lip sync, today most music artists are using that, but beware, once people know you have a fake voice they will not worship you anymore.

  • 2 – Create a band.

    Whether you wan’t to go solo or form a band, you still need someone to play your songs.

  • 3 – Dream, or make it an obsession.

    To become an icon you will not only need to dream you have to be obsessed with what you are doing. You must eat and breath music, be inspired with it and do it very passionately.

  • 4 – Practice, a lot!

    Practice makes perfect, just do your thing repeatedly and do it a lot, always do the basic and never forget to learn.

  • 5 – Write your own music.

    If you can sing, you should write your own material, and start recording it, or you can post it to youtube, just make sure it looks cool.

  • 6 – Try playing at gigs.

    Sometimes they’re hard to get but you need for the live entertainment experience. This is the most crucial part. The idea is to get as many gigs as possible. Visiting or phoning hundreds of pubs for two weeks straight to get as many gigs packed in as possible is very important. Also playing day after day in front of a large audience will have your performing talents sky rocket.

  • 7 – Don’t forget to promote or plug.

    There are a lot of ways to promote your music, you can ask for friends or give free CD’s of your songs.

  • 8 – Use money wisely.

    Just remember starting to be a rockstar is a hard journey, and you should not quit your day job or forget about your obligations. Do your thing but don’t forget your dream, just keep on going.

  • 9 – Always love what you do.

    Just love doing it and you will never get bored.

  • 10 – Never ever quit!

    Quitters are for looser and rock stars ain’t one of them.


Dustin is an entrepreneur and a blogger living in the Philippines. He’s dream is to become a rockstar or a successful entrepreneur. Follow he’s blog Daily Rock N Roll blog.

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  1. Gian Faye says:

    Advise from someone who had dreamed and experienced, I can say it’s not easy as following these steps.  When I was still in high school, I always wanted to be a musician. I had dreamed a lot. Then I had bands when I went to college, because I badly want to be in a band. Gratefully, I was blessed with other talented members who share the same interests with mine. Today, I decided to have a serious band who have serious ambitions. I’m currently in one now. We’re still struggling and experimenting with different sounds and genre, and still exploring each and everyone’s skills and forte. Fame and money is not my first priority, though I consider them as perks. Maybe one of the reasons why I join this scene is because I just love doing it. Your post sums up the basic steps, the foundation needed to start up with this career. 🙂

  2. You are right Gian, fame and money is not the first priority to become a musician. Its about doing what you love, so won’t have regrets in the future. You are lucky you found a band that share the same music, I still haven’t mine, I am more of a metal head and metal is not popular here 🙂


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