Watch How Limerick’s “Slim Shady” Became an Internet Frenzy

Watch How Limerick’s “Slim Shady” Became an Internet Frenzy

Social media are very much powerful these days.

Anyone can pretty much do anything and everything with it.

With the whole world having access to the internet seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day made whole lot of difference from today’s generation with just a simple click on the mouse or tap on the screen.

Lives are changed and social trends are published in the open wherein anyone can see.

Even a lot of today’s supertars and public figures are mostly often thru the internet with the help of social media.

These personalities include Justin Beiber, Sean Kingston, Soulja Boy and Carley Rae Jepsen and multi-grammy award winning singer Adele.

One or any other of these celebrities did break thru a post in either, MySpace, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook or Twitter.

With millions and millions of followers a single post or comment can go viral in a split second.

Such is the case of Jack Daniel Lynch aka MC Lynchy as he is known to his legion of online fans.

The 18-year-old young man from the Ballyneety are of the city is described as Limerick’s own “Slim Shady”.

Lynch was developing his unique form of freestyling ever since his father came home with a club mix CD when he was just 9.

He has now become a web celebrity after his latest lyrical performance went viral.

His performance –surrounded by school friends at a bus stop has attracted an astounding 22 million on Facebook and is packing out teenage discos.

The down-to-earth youngster was said to be “overwhelmed” by the response to which started as a hobby in his bedroom.

He told the Sunday Independent: “I fell in love with a single called ‘Bounce’ that my dad had on a CD and started listening to it over and over, and watching tutorials on YouTube about how to MC.

My friend in school had a recording mic and we started uploading videos and suddenly the whole thing blew up.

It just went viral

For now, MC Lynchy is freestyling about what he sees in Limerick and hoping to get a recording studio in the coming weeks.

He still attends Clements School in the city and joked about living in the country and that rapping about living out there would not get him far.

As he goes to school in the city, he is wise enough to take note what goes about there.

He said, “A lot of people who grow up in the city come across drugs so I have touched on that.

But there’s the nice side of things that I rap about too.”

This nice side happens to be fair and good-looking girls.

And unlike the real Slim Shady, MC Lynchy wants to avoid anything that will upset his peers and that he will not rap anything that would offend people.

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