This parrot named after Albert Einstein is crazy incredible, watch his video!

This parrot named after Albert Einstein is crazy incredible, watch his video!

Einstein the Parrot is turning 30 this year.

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, the Zoo Knoxville in Texas released a video of Einstein displaying his wide array of amazing impressions and voice mimicry.

The Congo African grey parrot lives at Zoo Knoxville in Texas.

He was hatched on June 15, 1997 in Garland Texas. According to his trainer and zoo keeper, Einstein can mimic hundreds of voices and on-spot impressions.

He can do hundreds of animal sounds, sound of a jet that flies up and even the sound of a laser gun being fired up.

Einstein The Parrot

The video below showcases some of his best impressions that demonstrates his ability to produce wide-array of different voices and sounds.

In this video, Zoo Knoxville’s head trainer Adam Patterson starts by asking Einstein the question “Are you famous? Einstein response was pretty spot on as he said “Superstar”.

Patterson then says “Can you say hi?” and Einstein responded with a clear and crisp “Hello”.  

And when Patterson asked him “Can you be a little more polite?” His hilarious response was “Hi, sweetheart,” in a sweet and friendly tone.

Patterson then continues to ask Einstein the Parrot series of questions.

He asked him about animal sounds, sound of a baby crying, sound of a spaceship and even the tune of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. 

Einstein responses were all spot-on and straight up hilarious too!

According to sources, Einstein the Parrot can make up to 200 sound impressions or even more.

He knows at least 70 words on cue which is pretty impressive.

Well, he won’t be named after a famous genius if not for this incredible intelligence and skills.

Einstein became an instant online celebrity way back 2014 with his perfect impersonation of Oscar awardee Matthew McConaughey.

You can check out the video of it via this link.

For more of Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot and his incredible skills, you can visit his official website at



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