Comox “Waving Granny” Gets Another Valentine’s Day Surprise, Goes Viral Again!

Comox “Waving Granny” Gets Another Valentine’s Day Surprise, Goes Viral Again!

Two years ago, Tinney Davidson of Comox, British Columbia in Canada went viral after some Vancouver Island high school students and teachers went to her home to surprise her on Valentine’s Day.

Davidson is not a retired teacher nor is she a former staff of their school but she has been a regular figure in these students’ everyday lives as she waves to them from her window, every morning when they head off to school and in the afternoon as they go back home.

The students who had become her friends decided to surprise her two years ago, on Valentine’s Day.

While last year was a quiet affair, this year, teacher Charlotte Hood-Tanner decided to organize another Valentine’s Day surprise for Davidson.

So, along with several students from Highland Secondary in Comox, Hood-Tanner went to Davidson’s house.

Everyone was bringing large hearts made of red paper, with written messages for the friendly 86-year-old grandma. The students also placed painted milk jugs all over lawn.

Davidson was greatly surprised but expressed happiness over what the kids and their teacher did for her. She said, “It was a wonderful event.

The kids are just so wonderful. I love them!”

As for Hood-Tanner who organized the “love bomb”, she said she meant to do it to teach the kids an important lesson in life.

The math teacher said, “When people are encouraged to be grateful, they’re just happier people.”

It was also Hood-Tanner who organized the first Valentine’s Day surprise for Davidson.

When they first surprised Davidson two years ago, the old lady was also greatly overwhelmed.

She said, “You’re making me cry! I had no idea, it’s just shock, I’m in shock and I am just so overwhelmed once again.”

“I just can’t express my love for these kids — waving to them each morning is just a wonderful way to start my day,” she added.

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