Man Biking to Work in Snowstorm to Receive Car after Story went viral

Man Biking to Work in Snowstorm to Receive Car after Story went viral

A man named Tony who has been biking 7 miles between his home and workplace in Waterford, Michigan for the past five years is set to receive a car and other financial assistance after his story went viral.

Tony was spotted by netizen Jason Kapoor who was shocked to see the older guy biking through a snowstorm.

Last night around 10:30 I was driving west on M59 towards Airport when I saw person on a bicycle riding with the flow of…

Posted by Jason Kapoor on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jason offered Tony a ride and learned about the guy’s 5-year sacrifice of biking to work because he could not afford to buy a car as his money goes to his wife’s treatment.

Although Jason did not reveal whether Tony told him what condition his wife is suffering from, it is clear that it must be something that requires expensive treatments as it was draining their finances.

Considering how difficult it is even for someone in a four-wheel vehicle to drive in the freezing, snow-clad streets, we could only imagine what Tony has been enduring every winter for the past 5 years.

Many netizens pointed out that he and his family should have moved closer to his workplace or he could have looked for another job nearer his home yet we all know how difficult either choice can be!

These are easier said than done!

It was a good thing that Jason had spotted Tony and offered him a lift because after the story went viral, people offered whatever monetary assistance they can give for Tony.

So, Jason set up a crowd funding campaign on GoFundMe, aiming to raise $20,000 for the car.

The campaign was initially set at $15,000 – and that had already been surpassed within just a day but Jason decided to increase the goal, posting,

“We have raised the goal considering the amount Go Fund Me will take for their services. Tony is overwhelmed by the amount of support all of you have given. It’s nice to see good in the world still! You all are awesome! Tony will be in a vehicle soon with enough money to cover insurance, gas, and some extra to help care for his wife! Thanks again everybody! Happy Holidays!”

(via detroit cbslocal)

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