The Mom and Daughter behind viral Instagram ‘CrazyJewishMom’

The Mom and Daughter behind viral Instagram ‘CrazyJewishMom’

The connection between mother and daughter is one of the most strongest and complex of all.

It is considered one of the most powerful in nature. It is complex in a way that the relationship between a daughter and her mother is very much complicated and involved.

More often than not boundaries in this relationship are blurred between the two.

However, this blurriness may come along good or bad. Well, I guess along all the relationships, a mother-daughter relationship is also cultivating and weird in a way.

Like the mother-daughter relationship of Kate Siegel and her mom Kim Friedman.

Their relationship is so intense that Kate decided to create an Instagram account “@CrazyJewishMom” dedicated to all the texts she’s been receiving from her Mom, Kim.

The account went viral with messages that are outrageously funny and in a way enjoyable and what is expected from a cool overprotective Mother.

Receiving at least fifty(50) messages a day from your Mom such as, “Unless you are carrying my grandchild, go to the gym and stop eating garbage,” or “Happy birthday spawn, welcome to the wrong side of 25.

The expiration date on your eggs is officially in sight. Tick tock.” is quite crazy I think but then underlining this message is a sweet reminder of taking care oneself done in a humorous way somehow.

Recently, “Nightline” spent a Saturday with the mother and daughter and for the 20-minute period they are apart Siegel received a total of 11 texts mostly of which from her mom who went shopping for her.

Other topics that are wild and surprisingly funny are the comments Kim made towards her daughter’s boyfriend who is referred as “SuperJew”. The messages goes — “I’m looking ahead to the future.

I mean SuperJew, a year and a half, obviously a year and a half, it’s not going to work because she’s going to leave, or he’s going to leave” and “death trap” pertaining to Kate’s apartment.

Regardless of all these shocking and intense messages is a motherly care of her daughter’s well being, health, wardrobe and love life.

See the video:

Keep it cool @CrazyJewishMom ! Moms rock!

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