Viral Video: Romantic Old Man Surprising Wife with Flowers at Airport

Viral Video: Romantic Old Man Surprising Wife with Flowers at Airport

Love is such a sweet and wonderful thing – more so when it is mutually shared.

With so many reports of break-ups and marriage troubles these days, it is always refreshing to see evidence that true love still exists.

Perhaps, the best example to this is the love shared by two old people.

This is probably the reason why the video of an elderly guy surprising his wife at the Los Angeles International Airportwith some flowers and chocolates had quickly gone viral on the web after it was shared across several channels.

Netizen Valerie Jane saw the old man waiting with flowers and a card in hand; so, she decided to film him when it was apparent that his wife had arrived.

She shared the video on YouTube; though a copy of the clip, uploaded by Chris GQ Perry on Facebook was the one which quickly went viral, gaining close to 30 million views and 1 million likes on social media within a day after it was posted. The viral but copycat post has since been taken down.

After the elderly lovebirds became a viral sensation, everyone was excited to know who they were.

It turns out the guy was 80-year-old Bernie Mills, waiting for 75-year-old Carol.

The two had both been previously married to other people but lost their respective spouses. They connected via eHarmony and got married back in 2010.

Watch them in this video shared by Valerie Jane of YouTube:

(via NY Daily News)

As to why he was waiting giddily for his wife at the airport, Bernie revealed that Carol attended a wedding at the East Coast and was away for 2 weeks. It was the longest separation they’ve ever had since getting married years ago – thus, he truly missed her and was overcome with excitement knowing that she was going to arrive soon.

Bernie revealed that he waited for an hour at the airport yet the long wait was nothing to him. He told INSIDE EDITION how he felt like a giddy schoolboy upon seeing her coming through the door, saying to himself, “Oh boy! I got my baby back again!”

That is just so sweet…

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