Watch ‘Viral’ Video of Daddy Gags as he tries to change his Baby’s Diaper

Watch ‘Viral’ Video of Daddy Gags as he tries to change his Baby’s Diaper

Nobody beats the strong bond between daddy and daughter… not even the call of nature.

In the viral video that has been rounding in the popular social media, Facebook; shows a determined and brave dad decided to change his daughter’s diaper even though he’s been hilariously suffering from extreme gagging.

The Aussie dad almost vomits several times in between removing the dirty diaper and fastening a new one.

Reported by MailOnline, the unnamed father who captured the ‘supposed to be normal life’ on camera, spends most of the video clip on the edge of throwing up then at the end telling his little baby girl, ‘Let’s try and keep this one clean ’til Mum gets home’.

The viral three-minute clip opens with the father turning on the camera while preparing to change his daughter’s diaper.

He starts off positive saying: ‘Right, let’s do this. Ready, going to change your bum.’

dad changes diapers viral 2

Then quickly everything went worse when he unfastens her diaper and immediately gag when he is faced with the horrible task at hand.

dad changes diapers viral 3

The poor Australian dad tried to move his face away from his little daughter to avoid the smell, or maybe in case he does throw up, he continues to gag.

Then swearing, he said, ‘dirty girl.’

dad changes diapers viral 1

Clearing the mess of his daughter, the tattooed father continues to heave, red-faced and close to tears. He uses several wipes and then places the waste into a plastic bag.

He jokes: ‘We have the best fun.’

But his little girl is oblivious to her dad’s hysterics and continues happily relaxing on her changing mat.

With the new diaper is in place, the visibly shaken father has a plan.

He says: ‘Right new nappy, let’s try and keep this one clean til Mum gets home. There you go you’re all good.’

The daughter might say this when she see this growing up… That was fun ‘Dad’.

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