Another way to turn your Coca-Cola into Real Rocket

Another way to turn your Coca-Cola into Real Rocket

Remember your little science experiment in school when you dropped Mentos into a bottle of diet soda?

Yes, actually it causes a physical reaction as the mentos fall through the soda, it breaks the bond between the carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) (the right combination that makes soda bubbly), releasing the CO2 gas up and out of the bottle. And with the lid close, you trap that gas, and in turn creates pressure that helps the bottle launched into the air.

There’s another way around it… this time you combined your Coca-Cola and Propane gas.

The idea is when the liquid gas is mixed with the cola; it instantly turns into a gaseous state, while increasing in volume by more than 500 times!

By turning the bottle upside down, it creates a foam and act as a gas jet which will help accelerating it upward like a real rocket!

Watch this Russian science experiment video by kreosan on Youtube which now gained 3 Million views as of this posting.

(Video credits by kreosan)

You can also help the channel so they can continue their cool science experiments.


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