Shocking “Price is Right” Model Accidentally Gives Away a New Car

Screenshot of Manuela Arbeláez Correa, "The Price is Right" Model - Accidentally helps contestant.
Shocking “Price is Right” Model Accidentally Gives Away a New Car

Have you ever had a day when you felt that everything was going perfectly but then it suddenly goes crazy and you wondered why it is happening to you? Or have you ever had a day when everything was so crazy but then it makes a complete turnabout for something awesome?

Well, those two scenarios happened right on the set of “The Price is Right” – the first scenario happened to Colombian-born American model and actress, Manuela Arbeláez Correa, while the second happened to the contestant she had unwittingly given a car on the show.

It was just another day on the show, with the contestant given a chance to win a car by guessing its correct price from five options.

Well, you already know the drill.

The contestant picks a price card from the list and Manuela opens it to reveal whether it was the right answer.

If it was the correct one, the contestant wins the Hyundai Sonata SE.

If it wasn’t, then the contestant is given two more chances to answer.

Excited to reveal whether the contestant’s answer was right or wrong, Manuela pulled out the topmost card. It was the wrong answer…The contestant looked a little dismayed but knew she still had two more chances to pick the right one.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The gorgeous model was so excited for the contestant’s answer or was just absent-minded at the time because instead of going back to her place beside the choices, she proceeded to open the next card before the host could ask the contestant for her next answer!

What made the blooper even funnier [or more horrifying, depending on which side you are on] is that this card revealed the car! Horrified at her blunder, a teary-eyed Manuela hid behind the display.

I understand how she feels. For such a huge mistake costing $21,960, she could easily lose her job!

Thankfully, host Drew Carey saw humor in Manuela’s blunder, laughing hard and telling the contestant, “Congratulations, Manuela just gave you a car!”

What happened to Manuela after the show, thought? Well, she was able to keep her job!

A lot of supporters took to Twitter to defend her, with most saying each of us have made a huge blunder in our lives and she deserves to be forgiven for hers.

Thankfully, the show’s producers felt the same way, too, and decided they should not fire her.

And if she was fired for the major gaffe, she could always apply on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

The comedian tweeted a link to the video, saying “I think Manuela, the “Price is Right” model, would be much better suited to work on my show.”

Updates about Manuela Arbelaez on her Twitter Account:

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