10 of the Signs that your Breaking Up with Boyfriend

10 of the Signs that your Breaking Up with Boyfriend

Do you have a feeling that a break-up with your boyfriend is around the corner? Breaking up is never easy (especially if it’s not your decision), but oftentimes it is necessary.

Perhaps it’s a matter of growing apart or falling out of love. Perhaps one or both of you just aren’t into each other anymore. In extreme cases, perhaps the relationship has become emotionally and/or physically abusive, alternating between cold, sullen resentment and overt hostility.

Have a look at the following top 10 signs of breaking up with boyfriend and figure out for yourself.

1 – You don’t go out together as often as you used to

One of the very obvious signs of a break up is the fact that you and your boyfriend do not go out together as often as you used to. This directly means that the need to stay together has reduced between the both of you.

2 – Your boyfriend does not call you as often as he used to

Has the number of calls and messages reduced over time? One of the signs of breaking up is the reduction in the number of calls and messages that are exchanged between lovers. So if you feel that this communication has reduced then you could be looking at a break-up coming up.

3 – Your boyfriend did not wish you on a special occasion

Did your boyfriend forget to wish you on a special occasion? I got to tell you here that men do tend to forget special occasions. But if your man is not the forgetful type and has wished you before without fail and is not doing so recently then there is a break-up building up somewhere.

4 – Your boyfriend does not reply to your emails instantly

Has it ever happened that you mailed or messaged your boyfriend only to receive a reply the other day with an excuse that he did not see your message so long? This is a sign that your boy friend was not very inclined to reply to your mail. One among the many signs of breaking up with boyfriend.

5 – There are other girls that he hangs out with

Does your boyfriend spend more time with other girls than you? This directly means your man is trying to send break-up signals to you.

6 – The praises and gifts have reduced

Have the praises and gifts reduced overtime? How many times does your man say that he loves you? Or that you look beautiful? Men love to praise their girl and bring her loads of goodies. So if these have reduced overtime then you know that the break up is around the corner

7 – The level of intimacy has reduced

Men show a high level of intimacy towards the girl they love. You would have noticed this initially. If you feel that the level of intimacy has lowered in any way then this is a solid sign that your boyfriend wants to break up with you.

8 – He is not bothered even if you don’t call him for days together

Try not calling your boyfriend or meeting him for days together. No phones, no emails nothing. See what happens. Generally in these occasions men are the ones who come forward to find out what the issue is. But if your boy friend is simply not bothered and does not mind the long separation then this is a solid sign of breaking up.

9 – You don’t feel the same with him again

When a man and woman are together there is a certain chemistry formed between them and this chemistry gives rise to a sweet feeling inside. Men feel this when they are with their girl and so do woman. So if your man does not make you feel anything inside then this is one solid breaking up sign

10 – The number of fights has increased

Guys generally have a tendency to resolve a fight, so if you and your boyfriend fight and leave for days without speaking and no one actually coming forward to resolve the situation then there is something wrong. This is a clear sign that your boyfriend is not missing you and wants to break-up So if you think some among these 10 signs of breaking up has taken place between the both of you then you are getting there.


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