Watch ‘Viral Video’ of NBA Star’s Daughter Steals the Show

Watch ‘Viral Video’ of NBA Star’s Daughter Steals the Show

What happens if you take a rather outspoken 2-year-old to a press conference where you talk about “old people stuff” like winning an exciting game in the NBA playoffs with just a half shot?

Well, Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry learned the answer in the most adorable way.

Game 2 of the NBA playoffs ended well for the Golden State Warriors, with the team closing the match with a final score of 98-99 against the Houston Rockets.

It certainly was a tough match but their win further gave them a lead of 2-0 in the series.

As was tradition, Stephen faced reporters for a post-game interview – but contrary to tradition, his daughter Riley was on his lap while he spoke before the media.

The next moments could only be best described as “cuteness overload” for his daughter stole the spotlight and had fans beaming with amusement.

Perhaps bored that her father was not speaking to her but to the media before them, Riley interrupted Stephen a couple of times.

After several incidents of these cute interruptions, Stephen told her to “hold on a second, OK?” in an attempt to keep the outspoken girl quiet.

Much to the delight of the people in the room and the audience on TV, Riley turned the tables on him and said, “Be quiet.”

A toddler’s attention span is very short; thus, upon realizing that her dad still has a lot to talk about with the people in the room, Riley decided to crawl under the table while the surprised Stephen tried to grab her.

She lifted the cloth and waved at the reporters who were captivated by her antics and cute smile.

Riley appears to be quite a handful but the video of her stealing the spotlight from daddy Stephen was endearing to fans; it soon went viral on social media.

Asked how he felt after the video went viral, Stephen admitted he was surprised – both at Riley’s antics and the viral video.

Asked whether he would bring her to another post-game interview again, Stephen said he would ask her but revealed this might not happen again as Riley said she did not have fun during her first press conference.

Watch the video here:

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