Watch Tesla unsuccessfully attempt to rollover the Model X all-electric SUV

Watch Tesla unsuccessfully attempt to rollover the Model X all-electric SUV

Tesla has for some time been bragging about the wellbeing of the Model X and particularly its low chance of rollover – with great reasons.

Now the company has released footage of their internal tests trying ineffectively to make the Tesla Model X all-electric SUV rollover.

Last summer, Tesla Model X officially turned into the most astounding safety rated SUV with 5-star rating in each safety category by NHTSA

One of the most impressive achievements for a SUV is the rollover probability, which is the lowest of any SUV – thanks in part to the Model X having a large battery pack at the bottom of the chassis, which results in a low center of gravity.

NTHSA gave the Model X a rolling resistance of 9.30% and couldn’t tip it in its dynamic test.
The company also state that they couldn’t “flip” the Model X during internal crash testing, but we have never seen the said footage until now:

Though still, Tesla didn’t reveal the speed of thesaid three crash tests.
The company released the footage in a tweet in which they highlighted the Model X’s safety rating from NHTSA:

“Model X is the first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety rating in every category and subcategory, with the lowest probability of rollover and overall injury of any SUV.”

Way before Model X, The Company achieved the same remarkable results with the Model S, Tesla’s flagship sedan.

Now it aims to do the same with its latest vehicle, the Model 3, and we are starting to see the first results from safety tests.

Tesla’s model X has the lowest probability of a rollover out of all other SUVs from r/gifs

Now it means to do similarly with its most recent vehicle, the Model 3, and we are beginning to see the main outcomes from safety tests.

Electric vehicles are proving to offer some incredible safety circumstances and Tesla isn’t the only one leading the way on that front.

Additionally, we have seen the Chevy Bolt EV getting the best security rating from IIHS.

Source via u/TallArcher Reddit


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