10 of the Tourist Spots in Baguio City

10 of the Tourist Spots in Baguio City

Dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, there is no question that Baguio City is among the favorite tourist destinations in the country. The cool temperatures of the city make it ideal for those seeking respite from the heat.

An added plus is the fact that tourists can find plenty of exciting landmarks and attractions. Also, the city makes a great base for visiting nearby towns and destinations, including the many rice terraces in the Mountain Province.

The following are the top 10 tourist spots in Baguio City that every traveler visiting the city should put in his list of places to visit.

10 – Bell Church

10 - Bell Church

A sacred place where Buddhism is practiced, the Bell Church also makes a stunning landmark in the city. Feel as if you are transported to China as you admire the elegant Chinese sculptures and characters etched on the buildings. Buddhism artifacts and artistically landscaped garden can be admired in this charming tourist spot.

9 – Tam-awan Village

9-Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan Village is a must-visit especially to those who wish to learn more about the heritage and culture of the Cordillera people. Scattered across the village are replicas of Ifugao and Kalinga huts. Admire these native structures and check out the art works also exhibited in the village.

8 – Baguio Catholic Cathedral

8- Baguio Catholic Cathedral

The pinkish hue of the Cathedral is enough to make you stare – plus the fact that it is set on a hill in the heart of the city. The hilltop location brings another added feature: a lookout point that tourists can access by a hundred-step concrete stairs. From the view deck, you can marvel at the panoramic views of the entire downtown area and enjoy the cool breeze.

7 – Session Road

7-session road

This expansive road is the main thoroughfare of the city, with the sides lined with plenty of shops and restaurants for tourists to enjoy. Across the city, you can find a number of shops selling souvenir items but there are also plenty along Session Road. During festivals and major events, the street comes alive with more stalls and decorates as it closed off to vehicle traffic to give way to the parades.

6 – Wright Park and The Mansion.

6-Wright Park and The Mansion

Although separate attractions with different histories, these two are set just across from each other; thus, tourists who visit one often check out the other as well. At the park, tourists can admire a magnificent spot: “The Pool of Pines”, a pool of water surrounded by towering pine trees. This spot is among the city’s most photographed locations. On the other hand, The Mansion is a historic structure built during the American occupation. It was the summer home of the governor general but was later turned over to the Philippine president.

5 – Camp John Hay

5-Camp John Hay

Another major attraction in the city, the camp was a major hill station used for some quality R&R of US military personnel and their dependents. It was later turned over to the country. Today, the camp continues to be a popular venue for rest and recreation, with a magnificent golf course known to be among the best in the country.

4 – Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

4-Philippine Military Academy

The country’s military officers hail from the PMA, a sprawling campus where tourists can also watch the cadets in training. Saturday is a popular day to visit the academy because of the regular outdoor inspection in ranks. Tourists get to admire the marching precision of the cadets as they do a parade and review after the inspection. Aside from that, the campus really does feature plenty of great landscape features to admire.

3 – BenCab Museum

3-BenCab Museum

A fairly new attraction, the BenCab Museum boasts of a 4-story museum and a sprawling ecological park. The museum houses original art work and collections of National Artist Ben Cabrera. The multi-level features separate rooms for specific collections, including a BenCab gallery, Cordillera, gallery, erotica gallery, and contemporary art. Aside from admiring the art exhibits, tourists can also take a hike along the eco-trail and indulge in specialty home-cooked dishes at the onsite restaurant.

2 – Mine’s View Park

2-Mine's View Park

The park features a view deck where tourists can marvel at the mines below. Among the very first attractions in the city, the park is clearly a must-visit. There are a number of other fun activities to enjoy in or near the park, with guests invited to try horseback riding, too.

1 – Burnham Park

1-burnham park

The iconic Burnham Park is among the tourist spots in Baguio City where most travelers and many locals converge for some rest and recreation. The park’s focal point in the manmade lagoon where tourists can enjoy boat tours. Divided into several sections, visitors can also find various gardens and a picnic spot. Many of the city’s festivals and activities are also held in the park.

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