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    10 Dumbest & Stupidest Cartoon Characters – TV & Films

    top dumb cartoon characters always10

    Lets talk about some of the dumbest cartoon characters on TV. I know you got your own list, but since I am the author I will be posting some of mine, I ranked them based on my observation of how dumb or stupid they are. There are too many to mention, since cartoon is usually made to be dumb...

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    10 Greatest Jewish Warriors of All Time – World Religion

    top 10 jewish warriors

    The military power of the modern State of Israel is acknowledged worldwide, even by its enemies. The ranks of the Israel Defense Forces have produced extraordinary warriors like Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabin, Yonatan Netanyahu, and many others. But few realize that the Jewish people n...

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    6 Awesome Pergola & Pavilion Ideas That Looks Perfect For Your Backyard

    A pergola is a fetching addition to your home because of its versatility. It is easy to customize and add certain touches such as panels, vines, plants and shades just to name a few. Cover it in aluminum or buy in PVC for little to no maintenance. You can take the alternate route and choose a pe...

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    NYC Officer enjoys dancing salsa at Dominican Day Parade goes Viral

    dancing officer in dominican parade new york viral

    The Salsa dance is a lively, sensual dance with fundamental steps that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy to the beat. Most of us usually expect salsa dancers to be smooth and graceful people but on August 14, 2015 a surprising clip of an officer in uniform dancing salsa with the parade dancers...

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    10 of the World’s Heaviest Wood Species

    When it comes to doing projects making use of wood, whether large-scale home building or restorations to minute sculptures, the kind of wood used as material for the construction or making of that structure determines a lot of things in the outcome, including how the object or building will actually...

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    10 of the Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

    Akhal-Teke - rare horse breed

    Which rare horse breed is your favorite? Is it the exquisitely stunning Akhal-Teke or the ingenious color design of Knabstrupper? Or do you even know one? There are so little variety of rare horse breeds that it would take an enormous amount of fortune to get a hand at them. We will help you sele...

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    10 of the Most Beautiful Doves and Pigeons in the World

    most beautiful doves and pigeons in the world

    These doves and pigeons of a feather would make the most beautiful flock ever. For this list, we are embarking on a global pigeon-watching venture. And while beauty is not just skin or feather deep that is what we are looking for. Sure, there are so many pigeons and doves that have incredibl...

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    10 of the Most Innovative Building Materials that could Revolutionize the Construction Industry

    The much awaited and anticipated revolution in construction is gaining momentum, now have drones, virtual reality, augmented reality, BIM, project management and more. But it doesn’t stop here! Researchers and various institutes are taking technology to the next level. Development in concret...

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    World’s 10 Most Expensive Paintings

    I found this 10 list of world's most expensive paintings from by WHoArtNow and it makes me feel add these list to our top10 collection.WhoArtNow quoted "If the media is anything to believe, the world's economy is in a terrible state. So to make everyone feel better, we take a look at th...

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    Man Takes Internet by Storm as He Clears Snow Wearing Only Shorts and Gloves!

    It’s 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.8 degrees Celsius) outside but one guy in Wausau, Wisconsin did not seem affected by the cold weather as he cleared the snow from his yard while wearing nothing but shorts and gloves! Where’s your top, man? Dad of four Patrick Schmidt definitely took the internet by...

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    10 of the World’s Unbelievably Heaviest People in History

    Big fat ass... thats the way it is, aren't I? But what would you do if you're one of these guys...We all know that obesity is simply not good for health and invites many diseases. There are people with weight of 100 kg to 200 kg. But, have you heard of somebody weighing over 500 kg and living their...

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    5 Fancy Handmade Wooden Wall Art Ideas You Should Try

    etsy wood art listing image

    A home has different parts that contribute to its overall beauty. Small details can bring out the best in an open space, intimate room or ordinary walls. One design idea that costs less but can beautify your house is installing wooden wall art. These can be intricate pieces or a combination of r...

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    World’s oldest man alive revealed his secret for longer life on his 146th birthday celebration

    Mbah Gotho Identification Card

    A man from Indonesia has recently celebrated his 146th birthday and revealed his secret for long life. The greatest secret to long life doesn’t come in form of supplements, medicines, healthy lifestyle and diet. According to Mbah Gotho of Indonesia who recently celebrated his 146th birthday...

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    10 of the Best Music Video of Enrique Iglesias

    Before the year ends, I’m thinking of featuring some music artist – Yes and it’s Enrique Iglesias. For those who didn’t know, His real name is Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (May 8, 1975), a Spaniard singer-songwriter popular in both the Latin market and the Hispanic American market in the United...

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    23 of the Most Clever and Funny Snapchat Ideas

    You've got to love all those funny and hilarious Snapchat photos. Dubbed as being one of the most popular social network for mobile users, it's really the only one that feels less like standing on a digital stage screaming, "please notice my very interesting post," and a little bit more like how peo...

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    10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Dog Breeds When Not Trained Well

    All dogs (canine family) can be potentially dangerous however some dogs are riskier than others. Diverse types of Canine breeds can be noticeably stronger and bigger than a person of average size. Training, socialization and proper care can make a considerable impact, though some dogs are by...

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    The Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2022

    We're almost to the end of 2021, and we've seen a lot of fantastic phones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series kicked off the year, with three phones that have so far been among the greatest and most popular of the year. They were followed by the OnePlus 9 lineup, as well as the stunning Xiaomi Mi 11 l...

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    See the Most Popular & Favorite Naruto Anime Characters

    Definitely one of the most sought after anime in history, Naruto is undeniably a unique masterpiece written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The story is all about Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his v...

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    Viral Photo: Rain-Drenched Dad Holding Umbrella Over Son

    daddy drench rain holding umbrella to son viral online

    We all know just how much dads are willing to sacrifice for their kids. It could be in little things like giving up his dessert for a child who wanted more or something as huge as giving up his life so his children could live. That’s a given, really; dads will do anything for their kids! Stil...

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    Try These Ideal Pergola Designs for Your Garden

    Your home is like a sanctuary after a busy and hectic day at work. One of the places you can rest and leave your worries behind is the garden. Adding a pergola to it extends the time you can spend outdoors while protecting you from the wind, rain and sun. You can have it attached or detached...

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    Must-Read Articles to Find Design Resources

    Staying up-to-date on the current web design news is very important for every different kind of designers as it will play a vital role in developing their own skills. If you are not up-to-date on the latest and most probably the important news and resources, then you are not going to be able to pr...

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    Teen Takes ‘Promposal’ to Epic Levels, Gets Engaged to Sweetheart for Real

    It is prom season and a lot of young folks are going viral for their ‘promposals’(prom proposals). Some went viral for their cute promposals and unique way of asking somebody out; though there are those who went viral for racist remarks and rather negative promposals. But one teen from Texas hill...

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    10 of the Weirdest Animals on Earth You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet


    The world is a strange and beautiful place. You just have to go out and explore so you can learn about the many superb things around us. However, with the Earth so huge and with people so small and with the land not interconnected at all, it is difficult for us to truly explore the world and lea...

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    15+ of Most Incredibly Realistic 3D Tattoo Collection

    best 3d tattoos

    Our reasons for getting tattoos typically changes over time. Originally, we regularly get tattoos that hold meaning behind them. It’s not unusual to feel that the more ink we get, the less monumental each session is. For some, getting tattooed becomes second nature. Many times, people get inked t...

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    Famous Religious Figures and Founders

    If you find conflicts on some teachings taught to you in your religion, will you just shut up and accept it? What if you have observed the rampant abuse of power of the superiors in your religion, will you become passive and just ignore? What if you had God’s calling, will you walk the path He wants...

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    10 of the World’s Most Powerful & Best Military Units – Arm Forces

    top 10 best military

    Military organization is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer military capability required by the national defence policy. In some countries paramilitary forces are included in a nation's armed forces. Armed forces that are not a part of military or paramilitary organiza...

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    10 of the Newly Discovered Species of 2012

    In a celebration of stewardship of human species, each year – new discoveries happens from different parts of the world courtesy of global committee of taxonomists. Today’s top 10 lists is about Arizona State University’s unveiling of newly discovered species where it tells us that there are much le...

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    10 of the World’s Weird & Funny Toilets

    top 10 weird toilets

    In terms of crazy stuff, I always got a thing from Oddee who usually showcased weird stuff articles. I gotta say thanks to that!A toilet is a plumbing fixture primarily intended for the disposal of human excreta: urine and fecal matter. Additionally, vomit and menstrual waste are sometimes dispo...

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    10 of the Best Zombie Movies of All Time

    There’s always a huge fuss when getting goose bumps from our all time favourite monsters – zombies. I know what you guys are thinking, yep – all hail to AMC's best zombie survival drama "The Walking Dead" which brought the living dead in front of our TV screens.As our conquest to compile the best t...

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    Know the Best Stories from Underworld: Is Hell Real?

    What tail the word ‘hell’ are connotations limited with the evil forces, darkness and all things negative. I am not saying that these aren’t true. It’s just that there are stories in hell that are not focused on the darkness that it exudes. Allow me to enumerate several stories that you migh...

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    Secret Records Reveal Hitler and His Nazi Soldiers Were Constantly High on Drugs

    hitler and nazi high on drugs reveal secrets book crystal meth

    It is difficult to comprehend how one man sowed a reign of terror for many years, with so many of his soldiers mindlessly following through his horrific orders without thought of how these actions could affect innocent lives whose only fault was being born a Jew – but a new book claims a shocking re...

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    10 of the Most Memorable & Iconic Masks that Marked in History

    One does not simply wear a mask, so why wear one? Some wears a mask to hide their real identity, to be a badass or just part of their fashion statement? These are just some of the questions we frequently ask whenever we see someone wearing a mask. As you read this interesting article which w...

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    2011’s 10 of the Most Beautiful Arabian Celebrity/Star

    When we talk about Arabian world, we almost forget how beautiful this part of our universe is… arable World is not only the world of gas and oil but also, a source of unimaginable and splendid beauty that we just cannot ignore… look at those photos and tell us what you think.Special thanks to nachoc...

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    10 of the Legendary Lost Cities of Ancient World Rediscovered

    top 10 popular lost city in the world

    I have to say that it’s really hard to imagine how an entire city can get lost but that’s exactly what has happened to the lost cities on this top 10 list. There are actually many reasons why a city has to be abandoned - War, natural disasters, climate change and the loss of important trading partne...

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    Charming hoarder dog “Chase” spits out nine tater tots goes viral

    dog hoarder cute viral on youtube

    Here’s one funny scenario. What if someone catches you hiding something---say, for example, hoarding lots of food in your mouth---and somehow, that someone judges you for doing such an act? This is what has happened to our favorite dog of the day named Chase who was queried by his mommy. Bas...

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