Watch Flower Girl’s Adorable ‘Frozen’ Performance Goes Viral

Watch Flower Girl’s Adorable ‘Frozen’ Performance Goes Viral

A lovely flower girl named Emma Coleman wowed the bride and groom with her adorable rendition of “Love is an Open Door”, a song from the popular animated film, Frozen.

The 7-year-old star shared the stage with her mother whose vocals were undeniably awesome, keeping the song at the perfect melody despite Emma’s low-key singing.

Though this lovely flower girl from London was not able to perfectly hit all the notes, it was her adorable performance that saved the day.

Who cares about a few missed notes when you can watch this lovely young lady perform with such finesse?

The bride and groom as well as the wedding guests loved the performance.

You can easily see that by the huge smiles on their faces and the twinkle in their eyes. This girl is truly loved.

The wedding was in St. Catharines, Ontario in Canada, but this Londoner was the top performer of the event.

When Mitchell Reilly Productions (MRP) Weddings shared the clip on YouTube last April 7, it quickly went viral and gained over 260,000 views in a week.

It seems that everyone enjoyed the awesome performance by this beautiful flower girl and her bridesmaid mommy.

Many were saying they had tears in their eyes while watching the cute girl perform in this wedding.

Well, who wouldn’t feel teary eyed in such a sweet moment, anyway?

Watch this lovely mother and daughter tandem sing their way to our hearts in this cute video:

Kids and weddings do not always mix, especially when kids throw tantrums when the ceremony gets too long and they are already bored yet these kids are often integral parts of the wedding, acting as cute flower girls or as ring bearers.

Of course, kids are truly adorable and would make a great addition to the wedding – that’s certainly proven by little Emma in the video.

With her awesome performance in this wedding, we could definitely foresee Emma doing another entertainment number at another wedding soon.

Still, I think it would even be much cooler if she would do a solo performance with another Frozen number. Of course, “Love is an Open Door” was a duet so her mom had to be in the act.

We’re not saying mom wasn’t great; in fact, she was awesome but it would also be fantastic to watch this adorable girl perform by herself.

Great going, little Emma! You’re on your way to becoming YouTube’s next rising star…

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