Watch how Senator’s ‘Frozen’ ringtone interrupts Senate hearing goes viral

Watch how Senator’s ‘Frozen’ ringtone interrupts Senate hearing goes viral

Traditionally, Senate’s sessions and hearings were seriously silent and tediously focus on the topic that a penny drops could potentially cause a major turmoil within the league.

Except that one senator accidentally break the tension in one of the Senate Finance Committee hearing on Capitol Hill last Thursday – with a ringtone straight out of Disney’s hit “Frozen” movie song.

According to a CNN post, the Senate committee was meeting to discuss “Congress and U.S. Tariff Policy.”

As the Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack answered a question from Senator Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, the senator’s mobile phone started ringing, with a shocking revelation that his ring tone is none other than the overrated and glorified “Let It Go” song from the movie “Frozen.”

“Oh, come on,” Roberts said as he removed the cell phone from his pocket. “Just ‘let it go’, mister,” he added.

Well, the most important question that most people will probably ask , is Sen. Roberts a Queen Elsa fan? Hmmm… I’ll tap on that wire later.

Meanwhile, no one from the senator’s office was able to immediately respond with a comment.

Though, the senator’s official Twitter account updates goes like:

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